A way to organize random library books in a school

Upon remolding the library at our school. I was faced with a unique challenge. Many books that came from an organization (books for Africa) were out of order and had no manifesto detailing anything..
What we had basically was a pile of unorganized books and a mountain of paperwork to get them organized!

5 Things no one told me about being a teacher

Being a teacher is a very noble career. Teachers are guardians of traditions and looked up to as people who pass down knowledge from one generation to another. One Arab poet went as far as saying that teachers are “Almost prophet like” when it comes to status and reverence.

العد العكسي

أسابيع قليلة تفصلنا عن نهاية العام 2019. وعن نهاية العقد الثاني من عمري.. سأنهي 30 عامًا نهاية شهر ديسمبر المقبل، وهو أمر يدعوني للكثير من التفكير..

Jumpcraft 3.7 Professional edition much delayed review

Jumpcraft (formerly known as Platform Studio) is a game creation program that makes it very easy for you to develop a game. Very similar to Game maker and Gdevelop. In this post I’ll talk about what makes it stand out, how I got it and the demise of Jumpcraft

ZKTeco iFace 950 configuration on Windows 10

If you happen to buy the ZKTeco iFace 950 equipped with Bio Time 7.0. You would know that it’s an excellent bio metric machine with plenty of options to track attendance. Facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, ID cards. A lot to choose from.
And it happens to be a nightmare to set up!