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Export your firefox passwords with this Addon

Good day to you , here we have this easy tech tip

Best free download manager

Hi there and welcome to another tech tip

Search through tons of software , free and commercial

Hello there , Good day to you
Have you ever wanted a software that works just like another software , but didn't know how to look for it ?
Look no more , this website has tons of softwares for all platforms : Windows , Mac , Linux , Android
free and commercial , Freeware and open source , and many more features in this site
It helps you find what you want , write the name of your software in the upper right corner , then choose what OS you want , and enjoy :)

Great Start Menu Launcher

Hello There , welcome to another techtip
Today we will be discussing the FSL Launcher , a Start menu type launcher that Displays your short cuts , files and other data in a tabbed dock .

My review of it is 4/5 , it's good , but can go better , for example some functions are limited only for the subscribers , but even the free version can be very handy .
I also noticed that it does not handle Program Files Shortcuts right away , in 64 bit you have two of them but the program only launched the ones installed in the same program files with it , in that case  program files (x86) , so you need to edit that shortcut manually , when it does not launch it freezes until you press the OK under the Icons , and the icon is displayed without the Picture .
That bug was on Windows 7 64 Bit
Tell us what you think :)

Download Link 

RSS Feed how and why + note

Hi there dear reader , and welcome to another tech-tip , today we will be talking about RSS feeds

Installing mathmap in Gimp 2.8 under Windows 7

Hello , good day to you

Today we will install mathmap , which is :
"is an image processing application that works on several levels"

Intstalling Gimp paint studio for gimp 2.8 on Windows 7

Hey there you guys How are you doing today? I hope you are doing good! If you are using windows 7 then here is how you install gimp paint studio updated for gimp 2.8 

Even more Scripts for Gimp 2.8

Good day / Afternoon

In this zipped file there is scripts for gimp 2.8 compatible

Download Here for Windows .

Download Here for Linux.

If you have a problem installing them see this post.

Enrich me with your comments, your feedback is my pay check :) .

Have a wonderful day

Everything. A super fast search utility you will not believe!!

Hello and welcome to another tech tip
Today we look at Everything search uutility by Voidtools, a super fast file search tool, we take a look at the features and the latest improvements.

Dexpot Virtual desktops for Windows

It's a light weight and smart  Virtual desktops manager for Windows, i totally recomend this free and small software for anyone..
Download from here
 By the way: Free for private use only,
see the link for details


If u needed to convert an English text to Arabic, as it is typed not transulated, or you simply cannot read franco then this software is for you, four main shortcuts for you to remember, and you are good to go:
You need to highlight the text you want to process first :

Ctrl + F1 From English to Arabic
Ctrl + F2 From Arabic to English
Ctrl + F3 From Franco to Arabic
Ctrl + F4 Syntax Correction (just like in MS Word, but not related to it).

Download from here, only 1.5 MB 

Support site

P.S: Some Antivirus programs consider it as a Trojan, i emailed the programmer a few days ago and he confirmed to me that it is a false detection, so add it to the exceptions list of your anti virus, and you are good to go.

There is a simpler portable tool for Franco-Arabic conversion called Franco-Arabic Translator can be downloaded from here

Executor BEST Launcher

This software separates the geeks from the wannabees!!

make your photo an obamicon using gimp 2.8 in 3 steps

Hey there you guys :D Good day to you. Without any websites or third party freeware you can turn your photo into an obamicon hope using a script!!Easiest way available to date. And if you have   anything easier then please! I'm just that lazy!!

Add Photoshop plugins to Gimp 2.8 + FREE Compatible plug-ins inside

Good day, and welcome to another tech tip, today we will be improving the amazing gimp a little bit more, by adding third-party plugins originally made for Photoshop using the Pspi plug-in. for information on installing this plugin go to this guide which demonstrates how to do it very easily!!
Of course all the 30 plug-ins we are about to add are free of charge and the are copyright of their respective owners, but i packed, tested, and uploaded them, so if you want to refer to it, please use my link (or give me a better one than use it :). Just extract the plug-in (compressed in .7Z file format for smaller more efficient size and download speed), all compatible and tested on gimp 2.8  [windows XP Sp3] to the directory of your choice, mine was "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2.8\PSplugins\".

-As you may notice i changed the default install directory from 2.0 to 2.8 to make it more oblivious for me-, and i put the the plug-ins inside gimp for organizing purposes only but you can put them a…

Gimp 2.8 RC VS Gimp 2.8.0

Well So far, not much..!
Compatibility issue with office 2003 fixed.
Starts much faster as described below on my PC Specs here:

How to free Up Memory Automatically by Unloading DLLs in Windows 9x and NT with AlwaysUnloadDll

I only added this tweak for reference in a another post about gimp 2.8 which you can check from here.

Best free open source draw software Ever

Good day to you, wherever you were This software is guided towards drawing, and let it do the rest, so anybody can master it in no time because it's super easy to use, guided toward artists, like you, so download it and give it a try, it's only 8mbs, and show the world your talent.

PerigeeCopy 1.6, a great copy handler

In this segment we are going to look at a decent software that never got recognized, the following is from the "developer website, and plus the download links, enjoy

Gimp 2.8 RC Slow problem fixed!! + Notes inside

Hey there Good day to you all This tutorial was made on Windows XP SP3 and Gimp was 2.8 RC It's very simple

Fix the Resolution problem on netbooks

Hello everyone, and welcome to another tech-tip.Today we will be talking about the Resolution problem that occur with Netbook while trying to run some programs.OS: XP SP3, Netbook type HP Compaq CQ10-100

Gimp 2.8 Problem solved!!

Hey there you guys? How are you today?I hope you are doing great!

Tested OS: Windows XP SP3  MS Office 2003 Enterprise, Gimp 2.8 RC1
If you installed the amazing Gimp 2.8 and enjoyed working on it as much as i did, you would be interested in reading this, Gimp 2.8 crashes, loads for a split second and then vanishes, even if you view the process in task manager, you will see it for a split second and then it goes out..
What is causing this?
The Reason for this is Office 2003, apparently there is a font issue that is causing this bug, and it's yet to be fixed (at the point of the post), so if you are a die-hard gimp fan you will be forced to make a choice between the two, (That is office and Gimp)
Tip: You can use Open Office, almost as good, absolutely free of charge.
As soon you uninstall the Office 2003 suit and reinstall gimp 2.8, it will work normally.
And That is it..
Please Comment and thank you for reading.
Have a wonderful day.
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Deep freeze 7.0 not showing in notification area, Help!!

Hello There and Welcome to a new tech tip, this time we will be addressing Deep Freeze 7.0 and how to fix the icon not showing in the Notification Area, and the solution is not related to the Notification Area at all.

Folders in xp "forgetting" thier Preset View

Hello There, and welcome to another tech tip
If you ever notice that your folders are reverting to their default without you changing them, you came to the right place.

Make Gimp 2.8 Look Like Adobe PhotoShop CS3!

Hello There and Welcome to a new tech tip. today we will make gimp look and feel like  PhotoShop CS3 via some very simple steps, please read ahead!

Recuva 1.40 Crashes Fix!!

Hello There, and welcome to another tip made easy.
Recuva Suddenly stopped working and crashes on start, doesn't even pass the wizard, whats wrong??

Gimp 2.8 Blinking Problem Solved!!

If you installed the amazing Gimp 2.8 and enjoyed working on it as much as I did, you would be interested in reading this!

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