Gimp 2.8 RC Slow problem fixed!! + Notes inside

Hey there

Good day to you all

This tutorial was made on Windows XP SP3 and Gimp was 2.8 RC

It's very simple

  • First of all run the software from a shortcut you create, not the one that comes with it, because  it has a line called %Userprofile% which makes the start of the software faster.
  • Uninstall all unnecessary brushes, it adds to the load time.
  • If the library is installed, uninstall it.
  • Gimp themes doesn't make it much slower but it causes laggy interface, so remove it.
If you followed any of my previous tips, just uninstall everything using iobituninstaller, advanced uninstall and preform a power scan to get rid of everything Gimp, then reinstall after a restart, the only thing to do is use the single window mode to make it like Photoshop.
And of course if you were lucky and nothing happened with you, keep it as it is.
Please note that RC is a testing version, use the final version whenever possible!
Thank you for reading, please comment below.