make your photo an obamicon using gimp 2.8 in 3 steps

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Without any websites or third party freeware you can turn your photo into an obamicon hope using a script!!

Easiest way available to date. And if you have 

 anything easier then please! I'm just that lazy!!

Add Photoshop plugins to Gimp 2.8 + FREE Compatible plug-ins inside

Good day, and welcome to another tech tip, today we will be improving the amazing gimp a little bit more, by adding third-party plugins originally made for Photoshop using the Pspi plug-in.

for information on installing this plugin go to this guide which demonstrates how to do it very easily!!

Of course all the 30 plug-ins we are about to add are free of charge and the are copyright of their respective owners, but i packed, tested, and uploaded them, so if you want to refer to it, please use my link (or give me a better one than use it :).
Just extract the plug-in (compressed in .7Z file format for smaller more efficient size and download speed), all compatible and tested on gimp 2.8  [windows XP Sp3] to the directory of your choice, mine was "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2.8\PSplugins\".

-As you may notice i changed the default install directory from 2.0 to 2.8 to make it more oblivious for me-, and i put the the plug-ins inside gimp for organizing purposes only but you can put them anywhere you may, note that if you relocate or alter the plug-ins they will not work until you browse for them again then restart gimp.
 in this picture you will notice a green dot next to the option (Photoshop plug-ins), because gimp has detected them and when you remove them "he" will no longer be able to read them.

Under the filters menu you will see rather than the individual plug-ins company names, such as xero and flaming pear in our case, which under you will find the plug-ins ready for use, as in the image .

and you are set, but am sure that you are aching to test new plug-ins, or your old ones from your Photoshop days, i encourage you to do so, but here is some VERY useful tips:
  • If you click the plug-in and it does nothing at all, that means it does not work, and if it comes with an error message that means it will not work also.
  • Try to add the plug-ins one at a time, because you will be in for a load of work if you don't!
Here i urge you to add any plug-ins you know that they work with gimp 2.8, the ones you guys tested,(free of course) i will add them with credits to you of course and with YOUR link, not mine, and i will update this as regular as possible.
Thank you for reading, i hope you both enjoyed and learned something today, please comment to keep the steam rolling.
Finally we come to the part we all like, yeah! the FREE DOWNLOAD bit. plugins download link.
P.S: as mentioned in this post, and add to the gimp will add seconds to the program's loading time.
To access the full screen mode just press F11.

Gimp 2.8 RC VS Gimp 2.8.0

Well So far, not much..!
Compatibility issue with office 2003 fixed.
Starts much faster as described below on my PC Specs here:

How to free Up Memory Automatically by Unloading DLLs in Windows 9x and NT with AlwaysUnloadDll

I only added this tweak for reference in a another post about gimp 2.8 which you can check from here.

Best free open source draw software Ever

Good day to you, wherever you were
This software is guided towards drawing, and let it do the rest, so anybody can master it in no time because it's super easy to use, guided toward artists, like you, so download it and give it a try, it's only 8mbs, and show the world your talent.

PerigeeCopy 1.6, a great copy handler

In this segment we are going to look at a decent software that never got recognized, the following is from the "developer website, and plus the download links, enjoy
Have you ever carefully selected dozens of files and folders in Windows Explorer and dragged them to a destination folder, only to have Windows bail out on the whole procedure because one of the source files is still in use?  Have you ever wished there was a "No to all" option on the overwrite prompt dialog?  Or for the ability to automatically overwrite files only if the source file is newer?

How about deleting files--say you want to clear everything out of the temp folder except the two files that are in use.  Explorer is little help--it will bail as soon as it hits one of them, and refuse to delete anything else.  Or perhaps, like me, you've been annoyed by incessant spurious "Are you sure?" prompts. 
    "Are you sure you want to delete these files?"  Yes.
    "But wait!  This one's a program file.  Are you sure you want to delete it?"  Yes.
    "But wait!  This one's read-only!  You surely don't want to delete it, right?!" 

I created PerigeeCopy specifically to address these annoyances with Windows Explorer's built-in file operations.  PerigeeCopy is a configurable Win32 shell extension that lets you copy, move, and delete files with the ease of Explorer's GUI, while at the same time adding additional features and options, not the least of which is the ability to resume after errors and retry any failed files at the end of the job". 
Download link for XP/Windows 7
Download link for 9x/ME
Hope that you like it, and it solves some of your daily problems.
Please comment and feel free to say what you like..
PS: Windows only