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Search through tons of software , free and commercial

Hello there , Good day to you
Have you ever wanted a software that works just like another software , but didn't know how to look for it ?

Great Start Menu Launcher

Hello There , welcome to another techtip
Today we will be discussing the FSL Launcher , a Start menu type launcher that Displays your short cuts , files and other data in a tabbed dock .

My review of it is 4/5 , it's good , but can go better , for example some functions are limited only for the subscribers , but even the free version can be very handy .
I also noticed that it does not handle Program Files Shortcuts right away , in 64 bit you have two of them but the program only launched the ones installed in the same program files with it , in that case  program files (x86) , so you need to edit that shortcut manually , when it does not launch it freezes until you press the OK under the Icons , and the icon is displayed without the Picture .
That bug was on Windows 7 64 Bit
Tell us what you think :)

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RSS Feed how and why + note

Hi there dear reader , and welcome to another tech-tip , today we will be talking about RSS feeds