Passwords free-bee

Passwords are a serious deal in your digital life , 123456 is not a password and "password" is worse than it , read below how to create a safe secure password from Microsoft .
And of course there is a free-bee !!
This freeware by IOBIT gives you the ability to create complex strong passwords very quickly , small and easy to use , and it's free .
The freeware itself is password protected so remember that password always
Read and download from here

Export your firefox passwords with this Addon

Good day to you , here we have this easy tech tip

For various rescans you might want to have your passwords where you can back them up . or simply transfer them to another place , in the old times you had to write them down manually , then enter them one by one .
That seems endless right ?
Until they we had this little addon .
It gives you extra options in the password menu to export and import your passwords , add it to Firefox and follow the steps , if you have any questions post them here .
Thank you for reading .