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Have you ever had the problem of wanting to work but simply being to lazy to start , well this little software will make that star easy for you.

Hotspot connectifiy may cause a Battery problem

Hello , good day to you
We reviewed the Hotspot connectifiy in post recently and we gave it the thumbs up , but if you notice that your battery is acting weird you might suspect it the first thing .
As we saw in this post about the Energy Management the only thing added to my Laptop before the problem happened.
It may cause the Please consider to change your laptop battery on older models . 
So my tech tip will be to try it after setting a System restore point, if you notice any change in performance , and restore your system immediately .
It's a good software , but your hardware is more important .
Thanks for reading , comments below please .

FDM replaces your BitTorrent client , video downloader!!

Good day to you , today were going to talk about the new Free Download Manager ver. 3.9.2 build 1294
What's new ?
[+] RTSP/MMS downloads.
[+] FDM saves list of downloads and other service data only when it's required.
[+] Auto update system for Firefox extension.
[*] Support of "Decrease traffic usage on browser activity" option for Firefox browser.
[-] Compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 10.
[-] Bug fixes.
It now handles BitTorrent and can download videos from sites such as youtube (Tested)
 To download

Sometimes the BitTorrent does not work , so download it from here