7 things you need to know about Linux

  1.  Linux has some visually stunning interfaces, it's not a command line monster like most people think!! 

  2. You can edit the source code and develop your own software, with proper license of course.
  3. You can distribute the software free of any legal issues in most  cases.
  4. It has Steam support now and there is a new distribution named Steam OS just released, which solves Linux's issue of having no professional quality games.
  5. It has a Windows emulator that enables you to run most of your Windows software on it.
  6. Much more secure than Windows, much harder to hack than other operating systems.
  7. Many of the softwares you use everyday and cannot get enough of are open source such as: Firefox, VLC, and most distributions come loaded with software packages by default, such as Ubuntu, The most popular distribution of all time.
So it's a free system with many free software for you to try that has a low learning curve, you have to try it for yourself.
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