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Celebrating the greatness! A collection of Executor posts!!

Hey you guys. This post is dedicated to my favorite software of all time!This post is a collection of posts varying from the early days of this blog, with some new things too. So read on, maybe you catch the bug ;)
What is executor?

Acer Aspier A5 11 inch Windows 8 boot problem + fix so far

Hey you guys You probably checked out the slick notebook by Acer. Acer Aspier A5 11 inch. It comes with neat features compared to price. Most notably a touch screen and Windows 8 OEM, sadly it has a fatal bug!!

Top alternatives for Executor on Linux

Hey guys After confirming that there wasn't an executor coming for Linux, I was bummed :( Luckily Linux has a lot more to offer, here are my top alternatives of executor on Linux:

Xubuntu 14.04 Torrent Download

Hey guys

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS dierct download

Hey guys ^_^

Ubuntu 14.04 is Out ^_^ It's finally here :D
After a long wait the latest LTS is here, click to download dierctly

Download x86

Download x64

(links died sadly so this now downloads Ubuntu 14.04.04 via torrent!)

If you like it please donate it's a great product, recomend me on Google+

Install Apache OpenOffice on Ubuntu 13.04

Hi there, welcome to another tech tip, today we will look into downloading Apache OpenOffice in Ubuntu 13.04, It shall work on other Ubuntu based Distros like Mint and Xubuntu.

There won't be an Executor on Linux

Hi, good day to you
As it hurts me to report, the best Keyboard launcher won't be making the jump to Linux..
And here I quote from the author of Executor:

How to add downloaded packages to Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu 13.04

Hi, good day to you
There are several ways to install software in Ubuntu, some are easy like the Software Center, and are a bit advanced like Synaptic Package Manager, and you can download a DEB file form the Internet and install it (unrecommended)..

Game Of the Week presenting: Fix it Felix Jr Remake!!

Hey you guys, Sorry for not posting last Friday I was on vacation with no internet access!
This is game of the week presenting: Fix it Felix Jr remake :)

Game of the week returns, Lords a war debain download!!

Hello guys, good day to you I am sorry that I wasn't very active lately, I was busy a little. Today I present to you: Lords a war! Here I quote from the site of the game: