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Celebrating the greatness! A collection of Executor posts!!

Hey you guys. This post is dedicated to my favorite software of all time!

This post is a collection of posts varying from the early days of this blog, with some new things too. So read on, maybe you catch the bug ;)
What is executor?

Acer Aspier A5 11 inch Windows 8 boot problem + fix so far

Hey you guys
You probably checked out the slick notebook by Acer. Acer Aspier A5 11 inch. It comes with neat features compared to price. Most notably a touch screen and Windows 8 OEM, sadly it has a fatal bug!!

Top alternatives for Executor on Linux

Hey guys
After confirming that there wasn't an executor coming for Linux, I was bummed :(

Luckily Linux has a lot more to offer, here are my top alternatives of executor on Linux: