Clipboard managers for Linux and Windows will boost your productivity!

Hey there you guys!

How have you been? I hope you are doing great!

I've been planning to share this productivity tip with you guys!

Today I'm going to be talking about Clipboard managers

Clipboard managers are a very handy tool and a total must have for anyone working on a computer.

Office workers, students, and even bloggers!

It's a pain! It feels like juggling!

Well with Clipboard managers we can minimize this pain!

There are many great applications both paid and free! But I'm going to talk about two, one for Linux and one for Windows.

The one I used with Linux came with Xubuntu is panel plugin called Clipman Which is a huge help and can be added as a plugin on the panel. It's light weight and super effective!

In Windows it's doesn't come by default. But as I said there are some great softs. Here I'm going to talk about CLCL! Which is a free application for clipboard management.

1. It's easy to use.

2. Low resource consumption.

3. Gets the job done. By taking up to thirty snippets between images, videos and of course texts.
Download it from here 

What is your favorite clip board managers. Will this post make you use one. share with us! 
Our next post will discuss screenshots! Stay tuned!


  1. Yes it will make me download one but I don't like CLCL

    1. Hi there! And thanks for interacting with me :)

      I think this will appeal more to you!


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