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I've decided to rewrite the (Dual Boot Saga)

Going back I felt that the posts weren't really coherent and didn't have that much information to be a guide to anyone!!
So I decided to rewrite it with greater detail and a lot of references.
I will code name it dual boot saga instead!
And instead of three parts this saga is composed of four parts. I'll be linking them here for easy reference.
I will publish it sometime later so Stay tuned!

Windows 8 Installation and Activation (Dual Boot Saga) Restoring Linux boot (Dual Boot Saga) Top 3 common issues faced when dualbooting Transfer Windows 8 license to a new machine (Dual Boot Saga) Updating to Windows 8.1 from the store (Dual Boot Saga)

Atom 1.0, you have let me down..

Hey there you guys I'm about to breakdown my experience with Atom editor 1.0

Error moving "file" on Uubuntu 14.04 fixed!!

Hey there fans! How are you keeping?
This bug has been one of my Pet Peevs on Ubuntu. Luckily I was able to fix it easily!! 

Atom 1.0 is released!!!

This just in: Atom 1.0 is released!!

كل ماتريد معرفته عن ويندوز 10 الجديد في هذا التقرير

السلام عليكم هذه المقالة ستكون ملخصة لكل المقالات التي طرحتها عن نظام ويندوز 10 باللغة العربية، سأورد المصادر باللغة الإنجليزية لتعذر ترجمة كل التفاصيل وطرحها بشكل مريح!  لان التفاصيل تتوالى تباعا ويصعب ترجمتها كلها!
ويندوز 10 هو النظام الأحدث من إنتاج شركة مايكروسوفت العالمية، الذي يلي نظامي ويندوز8 و 8.1 الذين لم
يلاقيا نجاحاَ يذكر! قررت ميكروسوفت طرح النسخة الأخيرة من نظامها ويندوز10 يوم التاسع والعشرين من شهر يوليو القادم ليأتي بالعديد من التحسينات من أبرزها عودة قائمة إبدأ الشهيرة في ثوب جديد، والمساعد الشخصي كورتانا (لبعض الأسواق فقط) وكذلك إمكانية البحث في الويب من قائمة إبدا مباشرة ومنظر المهام حيث يمكنك الإطلاع على كافة برامجك المفتوحة في وقت واحد متجاورة. كما أن ميكروسوفت أحالت أنترنت إكسبلورر للتقاعد وإستبدلته بمكيروسوفت Edge وغير ذلك مما لايتسع المجال لذكره!

29.000 Views and going strong!!

Hey fans!
How are you keeping?
We made it! 29K!!
So close to 30K!!
Thanks you guys!
And I'm releasing a Windows 10 Podcast special next! So stay tuned!
It's going to be awesome!!
Have a nice day!! 
PS: I disabled the anonymous comments because some people abused it to spread spammy links! What a shame!

Windows 10 upgrade reserved!

This is what my Windows update looked like this morning
There weren't any updates available as well.

I thinking of changing my mobile phone. Any clues?

Hello there everyone! How are you keeping?
I'm thinking of changing my Smartphone. I like the Be-Elite feature set but it's not what I am looking for at the moment! 

Get Windows 10!

Hey there you guys. How are you keeping? I hope you are doing good!
I have an update to report! 
And it's regarding Windows 10!
I will be posting a special coverage about Windows 10 until the release date. Then some  hands on reviews..

A fix to many of ubuntu's boot problems!

Hey there you guys, How are you keeping? I hope you are doing good! I've been quite busy these days! Many things happening and I am struggling to keep up. One of these things is my brother's laptop! My brother is a new Ubuntu user. He spent all his life using Windows then he decided to take the jump. I advised him to take his time and study it thoroughly. Because using a new operating system takes time to get used to. He did what I told him and he was more than happy to have Ubuntu, but that's when problems started to happen!!

Happy Ramadan to all!

Happy Ramadan to all
Hey there dear fans. How are you keeping?
I want to wish you all (wherever you are) a very happy and blessed Ramadan. And that it brings us peace.
I haven't been able to post as often due to power cuts and the Internet is affected with it.
I'll try to keep updating the blog as often as possible.

28.000 views and going strong!

Hey there you guys :D
I have reached a nice milestone. Not as fast as last week. But it's better than most weeks :p

رمضان والتقنية

السلام عليكم وكل العام وأنتم بخير
شهر رمضان على الأبواب، أسئل الله أن يبلغنا وإياكم إياه ويعيننا على صيامه وقيامه وأداء حقه.

The Apple cult

Hey there you guys I hope you are having a good day Following the hype from my last post. I want to talk about the Apple craze, and try to link it to Linux! I wanted to see if that applied to an idea I have been formulating for a while. But first, let's take a look at Apple!

How to delete your facebook account?

Hey there you guys
I hope you are having a good productive day
Today I decided to finally delete my Facebook account. It was deactivated for months anyway.


Hey there fans!
I just reached 27,000 views!! That's 1000 views in a week!!
This is my best week (yet)!
Let's push till the 30 thousands!!
And spammers, knock it off really :/
You are embarrassing yourselves! 
Have a nice day fans!

أنت والتدوين

السلام عليكم
تدوينتي هذا الأسبوع هي عن التدوين.

Windows 10 release date announced!

Hey there you guys, I hope you are doing great!It's official! the wait is over!!Microsoft has announced on it's official website the release date for it's next operating system Windows 10 .