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Upgrade to Windows 10 today! Not from Windows Update!

I've been following the Windows 10 hype since it's been rumored to be named Windows 9. And I have covered many news and opinions about it, including the release date and the debate of it being free or not.As Windows 10 arrive today I decided I deserve an early taste, after all I might not get it for months! Who knows when my “turn” will arrive? I also wasn't too keen about downloading from the Windows Update and have been vocal about it!
While browsing the Windows 10 news I came across a Reddit post that claimed to have “Clean ESD” for installing Windows 10. (ESD stands for Electronic Software Delivery). I had to make sure so I posted in the Microsoft answers site and it was confirmed to be “legit” so I got to work!

ماهو ليونكس و المصادر الحرة؟

مرحبا بك عزيزي القارئ لن أطيل عليك بالقصة الدرامية التي مللتها من كثرة الإعادة، فهي في كل صفحة ويب وكل مقدمة كتاب، عن لينوس تورفالدز ( من هنا يأتي إسم لينكس ) وريتشارد ستولمان .. إلخ

Batch install downloaded DEB packages on Ubuntu

Today's post is a re-write of “How to add downloaded packages to Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu 13.04” because I had to install packages Offline when I was fixing my brother's computer. And something wasn't right! In that particular case I installed Ubuntu 14.04 twice in the same week so using the same packages to update was probably the right thing to do to save time and data plan. 

التدوين من الهاتف المحمول

في ظل ازمة الكهرباء الخانقة اجد نفسي مضطرا للتدوين من الهاتف المحمول. مع انني لا افعل ذلك مطلقا!

سبعة أمور لم تكن تعرفها عن لينكس

السلام عليكم في هذه التدوينة سنناقش معا سبع حقائق ونصحح بعض المفاهيم الخاطئة في أذهان البعض منا عن اللينكس والمصادر الحرة

Tech news digest July 2015 (Firefox focus mode and flash zero day vulnerabilities).

Hey guys. This is what's been going on the last few days, since it was too much to catch up I decided to make a digest of news.

RedNotebook 1.10.1 review

Hey guys.
I hope you are having an awesome day =)

ClipGrab. Your all media download solution for Ubuntu

Hey there you guys. How are you doing? I hope you are doing good! If you are in town looking for the easiest way to download videos from the Internet. Then this post is for you! Read on! I must warn you to the check copyrights of videos before proceeding to download. 

إصنع لعبة فيديو بنفسك ومن دون كود

مارأيك أن تصمم لعبة الفيديو التي تحب بنفسك؟

How to add LibreOffice to PPA in Ubuntu, Latest version install

I once advocated Apache OpenOffice in favor of LibreOffice, I even had this tutorial where you can remove LibreOffice all together and install Apache OpenOffice to your computer. If you like doing so, that's a personal choice.

30,000 views today!

Hey there everyone, you know what? This blog reached 30,000 views!

LibreOffice 4.4.4 launched. 5.0 postponed

The document foundation announced on it's blog the release of LibreOffice 4.4.4 (Code named triple four) and it's the third minor release of the LibreOffice 4.4 family, coming with over 70 fixes over 4.4.3
Feel free to read the full information about this release from here

Best way to backup files on Ubuntu

Hey there dear fans =)

Today we are looking into backing up on Ubuntu, I'm going to show you the best way to make full use of the integrated backup utility. And optimize it to be easier and much more productive!

اللعب على لينكس، المشاكل والحلول

هذه مقالة كتبتها منذ أكثر من سنة على مدونة "يوميات مستخدم لينكس" قررت دمجها مع هذه المدونة (وبالتالي حذفها) وسأقوم بنشرها تباعا وأحتفظ لنفسي بحق تعديل المقالات إن لزم الأمر.