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Uninstall Windows 10 Reinstall Windows 8.1 using the same license (Not a rollback).

I'm happy to announce that I found a way to get back to Windows 8.1! Not from the rollback option or the recovery! My way is uninstalling Windows 10. And reinstalling Windows 8.1 using the same license!

Top 3 common issues faced when dualbooting

Dual booting can bring many perks if done properly. It's like having two computers working together. And a really good idea in case one of the systems fails, you will have a configured running system and your work flow won't be affected by the fail. As I had to fresh install Windows 10 from scratch (because the rollback failed).

10 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10

I had my initial doubts about Microsoft giving out Windows 10 for free. Everyday I am convinced that my worries were sound! And it was much worse sadly!

التدوين من الهاتف المحمول 2

كنت قد تحدثت في تدوينة سابقة عن التدوين من الهاتف المحمول ووعدت بتجربتها عمليا. اليوم ساتكلم عن خدمات الزبون في ليبيا ما يعرف ب customer service متخذا من شركة البديل مثالاً:

Updating to Windows 8.1 from the store (Dual Boot Saga)

Those were really busy days. But this step comes as the final step. Finally I can upgrade to Windows 8.1 from the store to get this over with. I'll have the latest update in both Linux and Windows. If you followed the saga you would know that none of this came easily!!

Fresh install Windows 10

After I was absolutely certain that Windows was unrecoverable. So I began the process to fresh install Windows 10. I really felt stuck but what can we do?

لماذا نستعمل الليونكس؟

لماذا نستعمل اللينكس؟

سؤالي اليوم هو لماذا نستعمل اللينكس؟ لماذا لانكتفي بما هو لدينا فقط؟ وفي أغلب اﻷحوال هذا يعني الويندوز.

Transfer Windows 8 licence to a new machine (Dual Boot Saga)

This is the third episode of the Dual Boot Saga. In the last two episodes we talked about installing Windows 8 and restoring the Grub menu so we can actually dual boot. In this episode we will be covering the most important aspect of the whole saga, Transferring Windows license. 

LibreOffice 5.0 hanging on Ubuntu, can't highlight fix!

While messing around with LibreOffice Writer 5.0 on Ubuntu I discovered that I can't highlight text, and trying to highlight text made the whole program freeze! I managed to fix it and this is how I did it..

I always download two versions of LibreOffice, one for Linux and the other for Windows, usually the one with the issues it the Windows version, but in this case it worked fine, while the Linux version was acting off.

I assumed that the main culprit is the Java machine, because in Windows it refused to work with the 32 Java machine I had installed which ran version 4.4 well. So installing a 64 bit Java machine did the trick, and the reports worked fine!
I looked at the machines I have installed and they were: and none of them made the problem go away!
You can access them by clicking: Tools > Options > Advanced

They were both excepted by LibreOffice but the problem persisted even after restarting over and over again!

I've finally been able to fix the problem that made Lib…

لماذا نستخدم الویندوز؟

ولم لا ؟ فهو الذی وجدناه فی جهاز البیت عندما إشتریناه، وهو الذی یوجد بكمبیوتر المدرسة و العیادة. وكافی الانترنت. وهو الذی أخذنا علیه دورة الكمبیوتر التی أهلتنا للوظیفة التی نحلم بها، وهو الذي يحوي عشرات اﻷلاف من اﻷلعاب التي تمتعنا وتسلينا،  وهو الذی أصبح ملازما للكمبیوتر ولایفارقه بإضافاته العدیدة، وإصدارات برامجه التی تصدر كل سنة..

Restoring Linux boot (Dual Boot Saga)

After I installed Windows. I have lost Linux in the boot menu, in fact there wasn't a boot menu at all!
As soon I boot the computer Windows would come up and take the boot from there?!

I wanted to have Windows, not for Windows to be all I have!!
I had to restore booting to Linux, not only I liked it so much, my data and programs were there (Windows can't "see" the Linux partition).
At first I tried installing BCD Boot to create a boot menu, it failed on a daily biases for me!
I had to try a better solution, and what better solution that the Linux terminal? <3
I booted to Linux from a live disk (you can create one by following the steps in here).
After it boots go into the terminal and enter the following command:

sudo fdisk -l This command will show you all the partitions on your HDD, you have to know which partition your Linux distro is installed on (Gparted can be a great help in that).

and enter this command:

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt then this command:

sudo mount…

Setting the first line as the file name in LibreOffice

One of the few features I missed moving from Microsoft Office was the auto name upon save, where Word takes the first line of the text and uses it to name the text file. LibreOffice (and OpenOffice before that) don't have this feature! It's a small thing but over time it becomes a growing nuisance! Luckily there is an easy fix for that! Which enables you to enjoy the luxury of easy naming of files and limit the Untitled flood over time!  We are going to use a feature known as macros. macros in office are a Visual Basic code that is used to preform a certain task over and over and is triggered by an event. In this post I'll be showing how to create a macro that saves the file using the first line of text when pressing the key combination of CTRL + S (assigning the macro to save or save as will result in two files: untitled and the first line of text!) So at first, we are going to need our macro. I took this code as is from an OpenOffice form, it works fine without editing: Sub…

LibreOffice 5.0 is out!

Finally after whatseemed like forever! LibreOffice 5.0 is out!
"LibreOffice 5.0 is the tenth major release since the launch of the project and and the first of the third development cycle. LibreOffice is a full feature open source office suite which compares head to head with every product in the same category, while it stands out for superior interoperability features."

I've downloaded it for both Windows and Linux. And I immediately noticed the different GUI elements implemented into LibreOffice 5 in comparison with 4.x which are differently cleaner and takes less screen space!

Thanks to improved filters the compatibility between LibreOffice and other office suits like Microsoft Office has improved. And a lot of under the hood work has been done to improve the stability and reduce the crashes overall.
 Version 5 with be the foundation of the Android version, Ubuntu touch, and the upcoming cloud version.

Note: if you are downloading the 64x version for Windows you are goi…

Windows 8 Installation and Activation (Dual Boot Saga)

I freshly installed Windows 8 Pro on an old friend's laptop that soon collapsed. So I had to do something so I don't lose the Pro license!
That laptop has been acting off for quite some time.

Customize LibreOffice with these awesome native themes

With LibreOffice 5.0 just around the corner, I thought I should share this awesome tutorial with you to make LibreOffice look better and enhance your productivity!

LibreOffice 4.4.5 is out. LibreOffice 5.0 is around the corner

Hey fellas!
Thank god that craze was over, now let me return to what I really love, open source!