Bephone Be Elite 2 ROM download (Link fixed).

It's been a while since anyone mentioned the Be Elite.  A solid phone with no potential at all!!

Benefits of clean installs

Over time your system gets overloaded with problems and dead shortcuts, the installations and removal of software, some hidden malware you aren't ware of. Even with cleaning solutions like Iobit's advanced cleaner and Ccleaner. You still have some things you can't clean. You will notice over time a slower boot and a general drop in performance. That's time to consider a clean install.
A clean install is the process of erasing your system and installing it again. It's clean because all the cruft and mess will go when you format your drive (hopefully not taking away precious data) and it will return your computer's snappy fresh performance. Much like restoring the factory settings, an option available in the late Windows versions: Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
But what if your computer isn't OEM and it doesn't have a recovery disk? Then you have to clean install your system.
The benefits you will gain from clean installing your computer

  1. I got rid of many Visual C++
    This was somewhat of a problem to me! I had nearly 10 Visual C++ and I couldn't find a way to remove them, even the pages I looked recommend leaving them as-is. Now all of them are gone!
  2. Office fonts and data.
    I used to have Office 2010 demo and it installed hundreds of fonts, and removing them by hand was a hassle! Not to mention the tons of registry cruft left down by MS office.
  3. Every trial is now reset to zero.
    Some of the tools I experiment with are trials, after I clean install the system all of them can be used all over again!
  4. Registry is smaller and healthier
    It's all about the registry, as it's where the program's data are stored. And when removed it doesn't gain back the size, even defragging it won't do much good.
  5. I installed much less software (only the necessities).
    I was surprised by the amount of tools installed which of I NEVER use! I try to keep it to a minimum. And use tools that do more than one function. I don't install Gimp and Inskape for instance because in Windows I have Faststone viewer and LibreOffice draw could do the design work, if it's more than that I have to use Inskape.
  6. I recovered even more space
    More space as the Windows.old is gone, and other things that I don't need and can't clean.
    When I upgraded to Windows 10 there was the Windows.old folder which is supposed to take you back to Windows 8.1. I then discovered it was just a dummy and had to clean install. I saved a lot of space because of that and because of cutting down my software list.
  7. In theory start-up time should be faster.
    And it is faster! It has improved between the old 8.1, Windows 10, and reinstalling 8.1.
  8. Solved the Swow drama I had when I was “interested in games”
    I had to copy tons of DLL files to make some games work. And that was a mess! I almost ruined Windows over copying some files by mistake.
  9. All the tricky settings you changed once and forgot how to return (and feel too lazy to return)
    As I was doing some PHP work I had to Install the Xamp server on my computer, it wouldn't work so I had to change a lot of settings to make it work, formatting meant that it went back to default on it's own!
  10. The first actual clean install I had in a while
    Since starting the dual boot thing I haven't clean installed! I installed Windows 8, Windows 8.1 was a store update, and Windows 10 was an upgrade. Even when I clean installed Windows 10 I was being forced. And not actually doing it to gain any benefit.
    These were the benefits I found and could think of, do you have any more benefits to add?
    I'm sure that the factory option is also good and will probably do the same good, but my system isn't OEM and that doesn't apply to me. If I could get a chance to try that option I'll make sure to note of it.
    How often to do this reset?
    That's a tricky one! It depends on you mostly, if you have a slow changing system then it won't be necessary for two years at most. On the other hand if you tend to instal and uninstall software a lot. You might want to do that yearly (You will enjoy it!).
    Have a nice day :)

Telegram instant messaging application review, channel update

Telegram logo
We have looked into several chat apps in this blog such as Whatsapp and Viber. Telegram focuses more on privacy and security more than these apps. 
Telegram's popularity exploded when Facebook announced it's acquisition of Whatsapp in early 2014 raising security concerns among users, peaking 50 million downloads that day alone. Telegram is free and open source and has no advertisement what so ever!
 Let's take a look at the reasons to abandon whatever you become addicted to and switch to Telegram.

CCleaner for Ubuntu?

Until the time of this writing piriform hasn't made it's software available for Ubuntu. But there are other tools you can use to clean and optimize your computer.

One of these tools is Ubuntu Tweak. A suit of tools that is used to tweak and optimize Ubuntu and control some aspects that aren't usually easily available.

About Ubuntu Tweak

To install Ubuntu Tweak click this link and download it to your computer then install it as you would do normally.
From the main menu navigate to janitor and click the stuff that need cleaning.

Ubuntu tweak Janitor

There are several categorizes: Apps, Personal and system.
You have to be careful when cleaning. If you don't know what to do I suggest you avoid the system category.
Once checked press clean and enter your password to clean up the system as you see in the image!
It's a good way of tracking space and keeping an eye on your system.
Please note that cleaning up the APT cache will delete the software installations you downloaded from the software center, and you should copy them first for backup and re installation if anything happens!

التقنية في حياتنا

مادفعني لكتابة هذه التدوينة هو حضوري لمؤتمر تقني الفترة الماضية تحدث فيه 5 من المطورين ومتخصصي تقنية المعلومات الليبيين، ماشدني بالتحديد هو حديث مطوري التطبيقات ..

Fix Raw USB or HDD on Toshiba HDD and other brands easily using Recuva

Here is a problem that is going to guarantee to ruin your day. But it's super easy to fix.
I must note that the screenshots weren't taken at the actual recovery job, but afterwards. And please check the disclaimer before continuing with this post.
When your drive is RAW and you think all your data is gone. The reason is because the partition is damaged but all of your data is intact..


 As long as the HDD isn't clicking when connected and running normally. This fix applies to you. Disclaimer: (Attempt at your own risk) I'm not responsible of any data loss. Continue at your own risk..
 I first tried with TestFisk 7.0 But after a day and a half (yes a day and a half!) and the data I recovered was jumbled and nameless (mostly there but scrambled) and totally out of place!
I attempted a fix the HDD with Gparted but it didn't work and caused my system to freeze.
And I always recommend to have a backup of your data.   
 What I did was a simple format (after verifying that the data was there using TestDisk 7.0).
All you have to do is to is to format the drive (yes!!) and then preform a recovery on the drive to recover the data with the data structure intact.
Simple format dialog

Make sure you start the recovery immediately after the format to make sure no files are overwritten.
I used Recuva because it's free, really easy to use and has a nice interface and it uses a wizard so it's even more simpler. In case you are a first timer, I'll post detailed steps :)
Download and install Recuva and start it to see this screen, and click Next.
Recuva startup wizard

 On the next step choose other to show all files and click Next.
Choose data type. Other

On the next screen we want to recover our lost data so we choose the newly formatted HDD and click Next.
Lost data location
Now choose if you want to enable deep scan, this will take a long time depending on your drive size and data. Check it and click next.
Enable deep scan
Let the setup run, this may take HOURS so keep in mind to plug in your laptop or to get a UPS. And the program will be minimized.

Scanning for data

Once it's done, you will see the results page.
Scan results
Now that the data is recovered, it's time to save it on your computer. Don't choose the drive you scanned as a recovery directory.
Browse for a recovery directory

Reduces the chance of file recovery

 Wait for the recovery to end. if it's a lot of files it will take a really long time!
Recovering the files
 Once the recovery is done, you are shown the results page.
The results page
 Click OK and we are done!!
How easy was that? 
I hope you find this useful. And that it saves your day!

CodeLobsterPHP Edition review

CodeLobsterPHP logoToday I'm writing my review for CodeLobster PHP edition by as the first entry to my featured section, It's a multipurpose IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which can handle many web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP of course. This review was done on the Professional version and some features require purchasing a license. For the Arabic review click here.

The latest version of CodeLobsterPHP Edition 5.6 brings many bugfixes such as the MySQL connection loss and incorrect behavior with MySQL tables. And new features that include updating Angular JS, Joomla, Wordpress, Durpal, CakePHP, andCodeIgniter plug-ins to the latest versions ( You need a Pro license to use the plug-ins).

CodeLobsterPHP Edition runs on Windows only, and supports many versions of Windows such as: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and I have personally tested it on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and it worked perfectly! And The interface comes in many languages such as English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, help is also provided for these languages as well.

CodeLobsterPHP Edition provides a FREE version that has all the standard features like:

  • PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript highlighting.
  • Advanced PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript autocomplete.
  • A powerful PHP debugger.
  • Context and dynamic Help.
  • Code validator. 
  • An SQL manage.
You need to register the FREE version, which is really easy and totally FREE!
After learning about CodeLobsterPHP Edition let's take a look at the program's interface.
The Interface

The interface is intuitive and has several skins that you can change to your likeness, and it's divided to four main sections:

CodeLobsterPHP Edition interface
The CodeLobsterPHP Edition interface divided into sections for easier description
1. Top Section

The top section is the menu bar, a three row toolbar which is jam packed with tools that will make your job easier, among the tools there are form control tools, div/span and image maps.

2. Left section

The left section is tabbed and you can alternate between your selections to make the best use of space, you can choose from the menu View > Windows.


The center section has the code editor, which contains three sub tabs below it: Code, preview and inspector. This is an excellent feature if you are coding and constantly jumping to your Internet browser to see how the code turned out. The inspector lets you look at your code in depth and follow brackets.

4. Right section 

IS a really handy one. It displays functions from all supported languages and enables you to look them on-line via double click. You can filter them by language or name! This cheat sheet is an excellent feature for programmers and can be very useful when learning new languages. It follows the tabbed program design which makes the best use of screen space.

5. Bottom section

Is tabbed and you can alternate between your selections to make the best use of space, you can choose from the menu View > Windows.

You can open many files at once as the tabbed design is paramount, you can edit many files at once and compare the changes too.


Let's take a look at the features that makes CodeLobsterPHP Edition stand out from the rest of the IDE crowd

  • Code highlights: Each code is highlighted in a separate color and mixed codes in the same file are supported, you can choose color schemes even from other IDEs!
  • Powerful Auto complete for HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 are also supported, The full structure of the PHP project is fully recognized and all the methods falls into place.

  • HTML/CSS inspector on the type of Firebug, which allows to correlate the selected elements of page with a code and proper style easily.

  • Context help on all supported languages. By pressing F1 key the page with detailed description for current tag, attribute or function will be opened.

  • PHP debugger. PHP debugger allows to execute PHP scripts incrementally, watching the values of all variables in every line.

  • SQL manager allows to produce all necessary actions with a database. Add, delete, edit a structure and records in tables, export data, execute SQL queries. Highlighting and autocompletion works for SQL files also.

  • Support of FTP allows to work straight with a remote server and to do all necessary changes with files;

  • The portable option allows to use editor without the preliminary installation.

  • Other useful utilities: pair highlighting, possibility of blocks selection, collapsing, tooltips, navigation on descriptions of functions and included files at withholding of the key of CTRL, viewing of structure of files and project, preview in a browser, book-marks, and all other standard possibilities for work with a code.

Learning curve

Like any new program it takes a little time to get used to, but if you used any IDE before you should be able to jump right in. In all cases I recommend checking out the detailed context help while take grasp of CodeLobsterPHP Edition.


CodeLobsterPHP Edition has a medium memory foot print compared to text editors (around 70 MB when open up to 200 MB when handling large files, the download size is ideal, and the install size is perfect.

It loads fast (under 10 seconds) and runs like it should, I did my usual test, testing it with small, medium and large source files. All which handled perfectly and with no glitches, all the files were displayed properly, with syntax highlighting almost instantly. Even the larger files (16.8 MB to be exact) had a warning that the file was too long and might take a while loading (I've seen this on almost every text editor I worked with) loaded instantly and with no problems. All the files were opened as tabs at the same time and it passed my test with flying colors. Some of the files were as big as 13.000 lines and the biggest was 123,420 lines long! Opened it in under 10 seconds.

There are three license options to obtain CodeLobsterPHP Edition:

1. CodeLobsterPHP Edition Free Version (Shareware)

CodeLobsterPHP Edition comes free and provides a standard set of features absolutely free of charge! You will need a code to register which can be done in two minutes totally free of charge!

There are paid versions if you need more functionality and to support the developer company. The lite version provides in addition to the standard set the following features: SQL manager, Version Control Systems, Code validator, Code snippets, Code formatting, SASS and LESS, sorting and converting!

You can convert HTML code to PHP and vice-verse! All that for 39.95$ And you can try it for free for 30 days before making the purchase.

The CodeLobsterPHP Edition Professional version is a fully featured suit that combines all the functionality of the previous versions with the addition of plug ins. 12 popular plugins at the tip of your fingers for 99.5$ And you can try it for free for 30 days before making the purchase.

You can also upgrade from CodeLobsterPHP Edition Lite to CodeLobsterPHP Edition Pro with a simple step.

All versions include FREE LIFETIME UPGRADE FLU! 

Buy once and enjoy the updates of this powerful IDE forever! (Very few companies offer this kind of support!)

You can sign up to the forum and suggest features, report bugs or chat with fellow developers and the CodeLobsterPHP Edition team, you can submit wishes and suggest features for the coming versions too. Reading the forum and the social media pages I read that a Linux version is in the works!

Now I'll come to the pros and cons I found using CodeLobsterPHP Edition


  • Doesn't require any libraries or run times to work. 

  • Can work Portable.

  • Has built-in indexed help (a feature many programs lack these days).

  • Fixable and suitable for many developer needs. 

  • Super fast loading and opening.

  • Handles large files with ease.

  • Life time upgrades on both free and commercial license.  

  • Friendly and responsive forum where you can discuss all you need to know about




    CodeLobsterPHP Edition is one of the best IDEs I tried so far, it beats many tools by the sheer speed and the great arsenal of tools and plug-ins.
    My rating is 4.5/5 and I encourage you to get it! 

    How to change the user picture in Xubuntu?

    Well if you arrived here that means that you (like me) spent hours roaming through menus and options with no use!
    Your journey has ended! Here I give you the easiest way to change the user picture.

    Open source design

    Anyone how decides to pursue a career in graphic design is faced with an obstacle! Many courses don't teach graphic design! They teach adobe products!
    They don't teach you how to design a logo, they teach you Indesign. Or how to edit a picture, they teach you PhotoShop!
    Over time you are used to the adobe eco system and so consumed into it you can't stand seeing anything else, or worse! Anything not done the "adobe way"!
    The tools need to be sorted like this, the monitor must flicker in that pattern. And the worst in my opinion are mac designers as they don't accept change at all!
    I'm not running from door to door trying to convert people to open source! I just want to do my daily job (Using open source please!) The problem is that the designers don't accept to tolerate anything done differently! And open source is different!
    It's not like PhotoShop! No one said that! Gimp is a separate package that does the same things differently and possibly better!
    Gimp logo
    Inkscape is not like Indesign and it shouldn't be. It's a different software doing the same task.
    Inkscape Logo
    Why do they care if the output is the right size and format? Ready for printing without a glitch?
    What gets on my nerves is that most of these judgmental people O have to deal with use cracked software! I don't think they saw an Adobe Photoshop label before or ever saw across the registry process being done!
    Imagine someone working for 10-15 years with a cracked software without guilt or remorse, then without a spec of shame looks down on open source software!
    Respect FOSS please!!

    Remove the Get Windows 10 once and for all

    Remove GWX
    What is GWX? Get Windows 10 is the advert Microsoft slipped into the Windows updatemasked as a “recommended update” KB3035583, after you install it you have to restart the computer. After that it will stay until you upgrade to Windows 10. I was flattered at first, especially after my upgrade was reserved “on it's own”, but after upgrading and going back I started to think of it as more of a Spyware than a flattery.

    Think of it! It was installed on it's own, there is no way of closing it, it starts with the computer. Totally sounds like a Spyware to me!

    Now that we know what is it and where it came from. Let's take a look at removing it all together. And removing it means you don't get to upgrade to Windows 10 from the store (good riddance!) Ehm!

    Get Windows 10?! Not again Microsoft!

    As I was updating my newly installed Windows 8.1 Pro. I came across a familiar icon! It was the Get Windows 10 icon sitting on my taskbar! I wouldn't have thought that I'm aligable for another download after I downloaded Windows 10, upgraded to it, clean installed it , and finally remove it and get back to Windows 8.1 !!

    Get Windows 10, again!
    You can see the date and time to know it's today!

    Well that was a rich reading material wasn't it?!
    I took my time experimenting with Windows 10 on my personal computer, installing and uninstalling again and again, I didn't even use a virtual machine. NOOOO! I used my everyday computer to do these experiments!
    For obvious reasons I'm not falling for that upgrade offer once again! And I have some other reasons to add to that list. So checkout that post!
    I think I've had enough install/uninstall action for the rest of my life! Let alone the countless updates, the time wasted and the data charges I'm paying for all of this mess.
    I'm finishing my updates and that's that. No more upgrades on this device for me. And I don't recommend anyone to upgrade to Windows 10!