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Bephone Be Elite 2 ROM download (Link fixed).

It's been a while since anyone mentioned the Be Elite.  A solid phone with no potential at all!!

Benefits of clean installs

Over time your system gets overloaded with problems and dead shortcuts, the installations and removal of software, some hidden malware you aren't aware of. Even with cleaning solutions like Iobit advanced cleaner and Ccleaner. You still have some things you can't clean. You will notice over time a slower boot and a general drop in performance. That's time to consider a clean install.

Telegram instant messaging application review, channel update

We have looked into several chat apps in this blog such as Whatsapp and Viber. Telegram focuses more on privacy and security more than these apps. 

Telegram's popularity exploded when Facebook announced it's acquisition of Whatsapp in early 2014 raising security concerns among users, peaking 50 million downloads that day alone. Telegram is free and open source and has no advertisement what so ever!

Let's take a look at the reasons to abandon whatever you become addicted to and switch to Telegram.

CCleaner for Ubuntu?

Until the time of this writing Piriform hasn't made it's software available for Ubuntu. But there are other tools you can use to clean and optimize your computer.

التقنية في حياتنا

مادفعني لكتابة هذه التدوينة هو حضوري لمؤتمر تقني الفترة الماضية تحدث فيه 5 من المطورين ومتخصصي تقنية المعلومات الليبيين، ماشدني بالتحديد هو حديث مطوري التطبيقات ..

Fix Raw USB or HDD on Toshiba HDD and other brands easily using Recuva

Here is a problem that is going to ruin your day. But it's super easy to fix.

CodeLobsterPHP Edition review

Today I'm writing my review for CodeLobster PHP edition by as the first entry to my featured section, It's a multipurpose IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which can handle many web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP of course. This review was done on the Professional version and some features require purchasing a license. For the Arabic review click here.

How to change the user picture in Xubuntu?

Well if you arrived here that means that you (like me) spent hours roaming through menus and options with no use!

Your journey has ended! Here I give you the easiest way to change the user picture.

Remove the Get Windows 10 once and for all

What is GWX? Get Windows 10 is the advert Microsoft slipped into the Windows updatemasked as a “recommended update” KB3035583, after you install it you have to restart the computer. After that it will stay until you upgrade to Windows 10. I was flattered at first, especially after my upgrade was reserved “on it's own”, but after upgrading and going back I started to think of it as more of a Spyware than a flattery.

Get Windows 10?! Not again Microsoft!

As I was updating my newly installed Windows 8.1 Pro. I came across a familiar icon! It was the Get Windows 10 icon sitting on my taskbar! I wouldn't have thought that I'm aligable for another download after I downloaded Windows 10, upgraded to it, clean installed it , and finally remove it and get back to Windows 8.1 !!