Windows Phone on a Lumia 630

Windows Phone post
I posted asking forthe fans to help me pick a phone, I received no helpful feedback so I decided to apply some thinking to it.


  • I wanted an affordable phone, dual SIM. With a responsive display.
  • Camera and media aren't important to me.
  • And the price wouldn't be too far from what I was selling the elite for. 
  • The battery life was also important to me as the power issue doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.
  • The screen size of the elite was a problem to me as it was unable with one hand. I needed something between 4' to 4.5' max.
  • It needs to be Dual SIM, and mini is preferable.

 The market (According to my budget).

  • Not to many options were available, mostly Samsung running outdated Android, and a couple of lower end HTC's.
  •  iPhones were out of the questions! (too expensive).
  • An interesting option was Lumia 630, my only concern was the RAM which is only 512 MB.
  • There were some Chinese Android phones I never heard of before called iKU.
  • Some Chinese company called Xtouch, slightly better than iKU in terms of support but still ..
  • Some deprecated Nokia phones that were overly used and abused.
  • After taking a look at the specs online and some video reviews, I decided that was it! The Lumia 630.
  • I almost went for the Archos 40 Cesium, it came with three covers and it ran Windows 8.1 with a 4' screen and a front camera(Lumia didn't). The screen had no protection and it wasn't eligible for Windows 10 update as it had 4GB of memory, it's a decent phone with solid battery life (even better than the Lumia).

The Purchase  

I went and got one, I didn't like the fact it was white, because the cover is easily stained. But it's easily replaceable without unscrewing the phone. It's available in 4 colors.
The screen size is 4.5' which is just perfect. The touch is also very responsive and quite easy to use. The word flow input is really handy and super easy to type with!

Nokia 630 Specs and features
The official Nokia info-graphic used to promote Lumia 630

The OS is Microsoft Windows 8.1 which is in my opinion better than Android JB and Symbian. It's stable and responsive even tho the RAM is just 512 MB. As soon I opened it downloaded a couple of updates and its running Cyan Update (latest version).

Battery life and connectivity

It uses Wifi and GSM 3G. And using Opera Mini is the best way of saving data.
Battery life is good with a 1830 mAH battery, and the battery saver is even better.
Managing multiple apps at once is good also.

The camera

The camera is good. And auto focus makes it better. Doesn't have a flash and no front camera (total bummer if you are a selfie addict!)
Here is a comparison between E6's 8MP and Lumia 630 5MP, the picture was taken under the same light circumstances to be fair.

Taken with Lumia 630
Lumia 630 at 5MP
Taken with E6
Nokia E6 at 8MB
The apps have been a constant pain for Windows Phone. The store has many apps. But much like Android they contain ads and some are totally useless. I felt that the apps shipped with the phone were better than the store free counterparts. The ones I didn't find were Snapchat and Dubsmash which I never use! There are third party apps for sites like Instagram (6tag).
I haven't tried side loading apps so far.


  • The Office suit provided is fantastic! It provides support for Excel sheets and word documents with power point viewing. You can edit the template provided but creating a new one is not available.
    I share my documents via dropbox and sync them so I don't have to send via bluetooth, the only draw back is that the layout between Office and LibreOffice is different so the documents "blinks".
  • Cortana is also one of the high points of this phone. She is very clever and quite helpful. I don't like that it needs to be online all the time to work (only a few commands can be achieved offline), there are many fun things to do with Cortana so check these links out.
    I had to change the location to USA for Cortana to work, and it didn't work until I updated to Cyan.
  • Typing with Lumia 630 is so easy and effective, it's even better than the QWERTY keyboard I was so fixated to, it lived up to the hype, I must say!


The unique interface that stands out from Android and iOS, uses tiles instead of launchers. You can control the tile size, while app tiles bring live updates, and you can group tiles in folders.
Lumia 630 home screen
Lumia 630 home screen

Lumia 630 app list
Lumia 630 app list

Lumia 630 lock screen
Lumia 630 lock screen

Multi-tasking with office and Opera mini
Multi-tasking with office and Opera mini

Adaption concerns

If you are coming from iOS or Android, there is an app to transfer all your data to your new device.
As for getting used to Windows phone, that's a personal matter, my first day was oblivious! I didn't know where was anything and I was a bit frustrated, but in no time I got used to it and it became a daily routine to use. I recommend visiting Windows Phone's official site for tips and help. All about Windows phone is a great community for Windows Phone users to read and interact.
It's up to you to be open minded and don't try and turn a Lumia into an Android / iOS device!

Windows 10 support

Windows 10 upgrade. On paper Lumia 630 is upgradable to Windows 10. I tried to upgrade it to 10 using Windows Insider. But that's a separate post!
I received an e-mail saying that Windows 10 is coming soon to Windows phone (not that I care or anything like that).
The general rule of thumb is that any Lumia device running Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan is able to get Windows 10. But there are performance concerns for devices with RAM less than 1GB, don't jump head first, that's all I'm saying!

Look and feel

It looks really nice and feels sleek and chalky. Not too heavy, fits nicely into the hand, at 4.5' it's perfect for typing with one hand.

Lumia 630 with box
Lumia 630 with box front and back, credit goes to Gizbot
On the right side there is a volume rocker and a lock/power button to the left, nothing on the right.
The headset jack is at the top, the usual 3.5 mm while the USB charge port is at the bottom.
Lumia 630 with box front and back
Lumia 630 with box front and back (not mine)
The back side has the camera and a speaker at the corner. 
The back cover peels off and can be replaced, there are several color options to go with.


  • Sleek look and clean finish.
  • The interface is interesting.
  • Cortana is really helpful, some even claim it's better than Siri and Google now!
  • The Office suit and Onenote with Onedrive integration which comes free of charge with Windows 8.1
  • The camera performs well for a 5MP with no flash.
  • It's kept to update with Microsoft, and will get Windows 10.

Draw backs

  • Couldn't find accessories in Tripoli so far. Cases, covers, screen protectors. Even if it's supporting Gorilla glass I don't like scratches.
  • The white cover is really easy to get dirt but it is was to clean with an eraser!
  • The screen attracts finger prints like crazy!
  • The memory card is located under the battery, alongside the dual micro SIM cards.
  • The box contents were very minimal! Just a charger! No headset was provided, you would except a screen protector or an extra cover but that wasn't the case! Not even a mini USB cord, how classy Nokia? Even the charger is a single piece (doesn't breakup into a USB cord).
But other than that its running good so far!

Final Words

I've always admired the sleek Lumia design. And my only problem was the operating system. Windows 7,8 mobile weren't as good. But Windows 8.1 is a mature OS that can rival Android.
Good camera, good feel and design. It's totally worth checking out. The only downside is the lack of some apps. But other than that all is good.
I had it for around 3 months now. And I'll see if its a good pick. Mostly it's productive and handy. I recommend it as long you find accessories for the phone. If you aren't then the Archos Cesium 40 is a good call.

Ubuntu 15.10 is out

Canonical has released Ubuntu 15.10, the latest version of Ubuntu is out and available for download.

أنت ومصطفى الأغا والفايبر!

شعار برنامج الفايبر
وصلتني رسالة منذ يومين على هاتفي من رقم دولي غير مخزن، تزاحمت أحرفها على شاشة الهاتف وسط تطبيق الفايبر البنفسجي، تزعم أسطرها المتفرقة أنني فزت بجائزة مسابقة دريم الأخير، وأن رئيس مجلس إدارة "أمبيسي شخصيا بإنتظاري على الرقم ... لأعرف ماهي الجائزة وكيفية إستلامها.
المرسل مصطفى الأغا وكيل قناة  MBC   

I have reached 40,000 visits! Podcast time!

Hey there guys :D
I reached 40K views. That means it's time to celebrate!!

منظومة حجز موعد استخراج جواز السفر

من أكثر الأمور تعقيدا في يومنا هذا إستخراج جواز إلكتروني في ليبيا، الأمر الذي يحتاج إلى الواسطة والرشوة  (وكفى بالرشوة  من المحرمات)، وعندما تم فرض "المنظومة" فرضاً، زادت الأمور تعقيداً..

المنظومة دخلت الخدمة في أواخر شهر رمضان ليومين فقط وتم بعدها قفل الحجز، حتى يوم الأمس العشرون من شهر أكتوبر، "حيث أعلن مشروع الرقم الوطني والمشاريع المكمله له" عن فتح المنظومة للتسجيل مجددا للمواطنين بعد توقف شهرين، فماذا حدث برأيكم؟
هذا الكاريكاتير يعبر بأفضل شكل عن حالة المنظومة اليوم

منظومة الجوازات اليبية كاريكاتير

إنهيار كامل للمنظومة الهشة أمام فيضان الجموع الثائرة، عفوا الراغبة في التحصل على جواز السفر الإلكتروني، وقد نوه بعض المتخصصين من رسائل الخطأ الموجودة أن المنظومة لاتحتمل أكثر من 32.569 زائرا معاً تقريبا..

إنهيار كامل

ملاحظاتي الشخصية حول الموضوع كالأتي

بشاعة تصميم الموقع وواجهة الإدخال

لا أعلم إن كان المصمم شركة (فتلك مصيبة) أو كان أحد الموظفين بالمصلحة (فالمصيبة أعظم) أو كان إبن أحد المسؤولين الذي قام بعمل بشع للغاية وتم قبوله فقط لأنه إبن فلان أو علان.. التصميم قبيح ومتعب للنظر والخطوط في غاية السوء والواضح أن التصميم تم في أخر لحظة وفي عجالة ودون أن يلقي أحد نظرة عليه؟! يبدو وكأنه موقع أحد الهواة من عام 1999 أيام ثورة ال HTML وصمم بإستخدام notpad!

مع ملاحظة أن المصمم هيثم المهدي قام بعمل تصميم مميز للمنظومة بدل كومة النفايات التي إعتمدتها المصلحة، ألق نظرة على تصميمه من هنا.

غياب الأمان

أحد المهندسين أبلغ بأن ملفا تم تحميله لجهازه بمجرد فتح الصفحة وكان يحتوي ملف الأكسل على بيانات الذين قاموا بالتسجيل قبل فتح المنظومة الساعة الثانية عشر ظهرا!!! (العهدة على الراوي وأنصح بالإبتعاد عن هذه الملفات)..
مع إنتشار العديد من الصفحات المحتالة التي تسرق بيانات المواطنين وتوهمهم بأن التسجيل قد تم.
الرابط الوحيد والرسمي هو هذا الرابط 

ضعف التصميم الفني

إنهيار المنظومة من اليوم الأول دليل على سوء التصميم الفني، الملحق بسوء التصميم الشكلي، هل من المعقول أن تكون منظومة جوازات دولة بأكملها عبارة عن ملف أكسل؟!؟!

صيانة المنظومة
المنظومة منهارة منذ يوم إفتتاحها وحتى الأن (5 أيام مرت)

غياب الإستثمار

هل خصصت المصلحة خادما متخصصا لإستضافة المنظمة العتيدة؟ هل لديها سيرفر إحتياطي لمعالجة الطلبات الهائلة؟ 
أعتقد أنهم يستخدمون نفس مساحة إستضافة الموقع على جهاز عتيق ملئ بالغبار يشغل نظام ويندوز XP النافق ..!
اليست المصلحة تتقاضى 50 دينار عن كل جواز بشكل رسمي _ورشى تصل إلى 3000 دينار من تحت الطاولة؟_

رابط التسجيل

تم تغيير الرابط منذ شهر أكتوبر يرجى الدخول على هذا الرابط الجديد.  لاتمام عملية الحجز.

في الختام

المنظومة متوقفة حاليا وحتى إشعار أخر، لم أتمكن حتى من فتح الصفحة! وسأدع كارثة يوم الصورة حتى أصل هنالك، أمل!!
مع ملاحظة أنه لو كانت لديك الواسطة ستصور الجواز دون حجز أو موعد ..

بإنتظار تعليقاتكم على الموضوع، والجزء الثاني متوفر من هنا.
الجزء الثالث من التدوينة متوافر على هذا الرابط.

تحديث يوم اﻷحد 28 فبراير: لمتابعة التغطية المباشرة لعملية الحجز ولمعرفة أهم الخطوات بعد حجز الموعد  الرجاء الدخول من هنا.  

You are getting Windows 10 Whether you like it or not!

I haven't been using Windows very often lately!
I am mostly on Xubuntu doing things light and easy. Today I logged in to defrag and checkout things. I also checked the updates, looking closely I found a bad surprise!

I was looking at the optional updates when an update number caught my attention. I had to look in the knowledge base to make sure, yes! It's the notorious Get Windows 10!!
Windows 10 is being shoved down our throatsBut.. I did my best to get rid of it! I even hid the update when presented with it!
I read some reports online that Microsoft are getting aggressive in terms of Windows 10 adaptation, they want you to install it and install it now!

I didn't think Microsoft would go that low! But here they are!
I tried it. Didn't like it, uninstalled it and moved on! Why can't you Microsoft?
There is no way on god's green earth I'd go back to Windows 10. It's just that bad!!
I have many reasons to stay away from Windows 10.  Being too pushy is now one of them.
Windows 10 is being shoved down our throats, I don't want it, I don't care for it. End of story..
Be careful and keep an open eye. They will not rest until you are using Windows 10, and that's when the fun starts!!
If you installed the get Windows 10 by mistake. Check my tutorial on how to remove it and prevent it in the future!

Life after leaving “the book”

It's been a few months since I deleted my Facebook account once and forall. I felt that Facebook took away my friends and a big part of my life and productivity, my friends and acquaintances felt differently..

Many of them felt that I didn't want them in my life, or thought I was being a jerk for unfriending them (take this seriously! People were killed for unfriending some people!) and the general attitude was very unfriendly.

مقدمة الى التصميم

توجد عدة طرق خاطئة لتصميم المواقع والجرافيكس. ستضمن لك الإحباط وضياع الجهد والوقت !

Xara Xtreme. Another Linux design tool

I've reviewed Inkscape on this blog before and gave it a thumbs up. It's a little resource extensive so if you are looking for a free alternative. Then Xara Xtreme has you covered!
Xara Xtreme has provided a version of its designer free for Linux (and Linux only ) so if you are looking to do some design on your Linux machine then lets get going! So the Linux desktop doesn't lack a design software (according the the developer website).

About Xara Xtreme

The current stable version is 0.7 made in 2014 and there is a less stable build. You can download it from the software center. After installing, double click to run the program.

Xara main interface

The interface is really simple, especially if you used Inkscape before. With many tools similar here and there. You can see the path tool, pencil and eraser. Typical stuff. You can also open and edit image files in Xara Xtreme.

Modeling in Xara Xtreme

Small and light weight.
Simpler to use.
Free and open source.


Crashes often.
Not as good as Inkscape!
Not cross platform, as it's Linux only.

This was a review of Xara Xtreme ... I wouldn't compare it to Inkscape as it's widely used and more mature. But it's a good start to anyone who would like a lite suit for design. Especially netbook users.

I hope you liked this tutorial. Leave your comments below

Things I hate about Android

Android has taken the world by storm, it over sold each and every system out there! Killed Symbian, out sold iOS and buried Windows phone. So why the hate?

Open source design

Anyone how decides to pursue a career in graphic design is faced with an obstacle! Many courses don't teach graphic design! They teach adobe products! 

Please, respect FOSS

FOSS stands for free and open source software. Many people tend to have a negative attitude towards FOSS, always criticizing it and doubting it's ability to fill in for propriety software.