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Windows Phone on a Lumia 630

I posted asking forthe fans to help me pick a phone, I received no helpful feedback so I decided to apply some thinking to it.

Ubuntu 15.10 is out

Canonical has released Ubuntu 15.10, the latest version of Ubuntu is out and available for download.

أنت ومصطفى الأغا والفايبر!

وصلتني رسالة منذ يومين على هاتفي من رقم دولي غير مخزن، تزاحمت أحرفها على شاشة الهاتف وسط تطبيق الفايبر البنفسجي، تزعم أسطرها المتفرقة أنني فزت بجائزة مسابقة دريم الأخير، وأن رئيس مجلس إدارة "أمبيسي شخصيا بإنتظاري على الرقم ... لأعرف ماهي الجائزة وكيفية إستلامها.

المرسل مصطفى الأغا وكيل قناة MBC

I have reached 40,000 visits! Podcast time!

Hey there guys :D
I reached 40K views. That means it's time to celebrate!!

منظومة حجز موعد استخراج جواز السفر

من أكثر الأمور تعقيدا في يومنا هذا إستخراج جواز إلكتروني في ليبيا، الأمر الذي يحتاج إلى الواسطة والرشوة  (وكفى بالرشوة  من المحرمات)، وعندما تم فرض "المنظومة" فرضاً، زادت الأمور تعقيداً..

You are getting Windows 10 Whether you like it or not!

I haven't been using Windows very often lately!
I am mostly on Xubuntu doing things light and easy. Today I logged in to defrag and checkout things. I also checked the updates, looking closely I found a bad surp

Life after leaving “the book”

It's been a few months since I deleted my Facebook account once and fo rall. I felt that Facebook took away my friends and a big part of my life and productivity, but my friends and acquaintances felt differently..

مقدمة الى التصميم

توجد عدة طرق خاطئة لتصميم المواقع والجرافيكس. ستضمن لك الإحباط وضياع الجهد والوقت !

Xara Xtreme. Another Linux design tool

I've reviewed Inkscape on this blog before and gave it a thumbs up. It's a little resource extensive so if you are looking for a free alternative. Then Xara Xtreme has you covered! Xara Xtreme has provided a version of its designer free for Linux (and Linux only ) so if you are looking to do some design on your Linux machine then lets get going! So the Linux desktop doesn't lack a design software (according the the developer website).

Things I hate about Android

Android has taken the world by storm, it over sold each and every system out there! Killed Symbian, out sold iOS and buried Windows phone. So why the hate?

Open source design

Anyone how decides to pursue a career in graphic design is faced with an obstacle! Many courses don't teach graphic design! They teach adobe products!

They don't teach you how to design a logo, they teach you In design. Or how to edit a picture, they teach you PhotoShop!

Please, respect FOSS

FOSS stands for free and open source software. Many people tend to have a negative attitude towards FOSS, always criticizing it and doubting it's ability to fill in for propriety software.  Let alone to replace it or to operate as competition!