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Turning the page on 2015

It's the end of 2015 which has been an excellent year for me, I did my biggest year blogging so far!
I posted 233 posts (this post is counted too) which totals up to 64% of my entire blogging!!

VirtualBox NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) [FIXED]

It's a common problem of VirtualBox and I looked through tons of pages and didn't find a fix, maybe because there isn't? Good think I found a fix!!

 That's the error message: 

Could not open the medium '/drive/username/partition/virtual_machine_name.vdi'.
VD: error VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND opening image file '/
drive/username/Data/virtual_machine_name.vdi.vdi' (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND).

More details on the error:

Result Code:
NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
IMedium {4afe423b-43e0-e9d0-82e8-ceb307940dda}

It happened with me because I have the virtual machine on a different partition, and I started it without mounting it, that ruined the installation.
How to fix it? I had to uninstall VirtualBox and install from scratch.. That's the only fix, uninstall VirtualBox. When you reinstall it, it should work fine, No need to delete the virtual machine.
Did you have this problem before? How did you fix it? I know this didn't “fix” the prob…

Turn LibreOffice into the best book writing software out there

Recently I've came across some "book writing software" that is supposedly able to help me write a book and enhance my productivity, I gave that software a try and felt it was too complicated, If I need to take an advanced course just to learn how to use the software, that's a serious problem and some major down time spent learning a new software while I have a productivity suit that does everything required with ease!

Ease of use

Ease of use should be factored in whenever evaluating a new software, and that particular software bombed! Not even mentioning the name because it's not worth it, and the price tag is also discouraging!

I'm giving today a good way to use LibreOffice as a writing software that you can use for anything and really count on!

Why LibreOffice?LibreOffice is a jack of all trades and can be used for many uses you never thought a word processing suit could do, checkout this very popular post of mine to see how capable LibreOffice is

تقرير برنامج CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.8 الداعم للعربية

هذا البرنامج هو بيئة تطوير متعددة الأغراض، يستخدم لتطوير العديد من تقنيات الويب مثل HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP في النسخة 5.8 تم دعم اللغة العربية في التحرير وأصبحت تظهر بشكل واضح غير مفكك على غرار النسخ السابقة، وهو مطلب قامت الشركة بتنفيذه نزولًا عند رغبة المستخدمين العرب. قمت بعمل تقريري على النسخة الاحترافية مكتملة الخصائص، لذلك ربما لا تعمل مع بعض الخصائص حتى تقوم بشراء ترخيص من الشركة. للنسخة الإنجليزية إضغط هنا.

BlueGriffon 1.8 is out!

As a free lancer web developer / designer on Linux. I strive to find the tools that make my work easier and more fun! In terms of web development there aren't many YSIWYG tools to use, with Nvu and Kompozer being discontinued and BlueGriffion's seemingly end of life (marked as discontinued by, LibreOffice has shown some WYSIWYG potential and I noted that in a previous post. 

It's no where near Adobe DreamWaver or Muse – let's not forget that LibreOffice is a word processing suit and not by any means a web design tool. The wizard technique crashes the whole program often too.
I use text editors like Atom to get my design done. And any decent designer needs to know his code inside out, I don't mind a little help from a WSIWYG tool to help me see what I do and help arrange stuff a little bit. I even emailed BlueGriffon asking them for an update, I didn't get a response so I assumed the project died. I then stumbled upon the latest update 1.8…

GIMP 20 years of awesome!

Last November, GIMP celebrated it's twentieth anniversary, becoming the official Open source image editing suit. 

 GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and through out it's age GIMP went through a lot of development and improvements, and drew it's fair share of comparisons and controversy.
GIMP has many scripts and filters to enhance it's productivity and it's rage is simply amazing, it can be used for a wide range of work from basic editing to professional grade photography and everything in between. It became my to go-to suit that I use for everything! And this blog has many GIMP tagged posts. In fact my best viewed posts are usually about GIMP! Feel free to check these posts from this link.
GIMP is now at version 2.8.16 (the birthday version) and it's better than ever, go download it from for your system, it's cross platform.
It's never too late to join the movement of open source, even if it's been 20 years since the first GIMP…

منظومة حجز موعد استخراج جواز السفر أخبار ومستجدات

مرحبًا بك في تدوينة جديدة حول الجوازات في ليبيا.
في التدوينات السابقة تحدثت عن المشاكل التي تواجه الناس في التسجيل في منظومة الحجز، والتحسينات الظاهرية التي طرأت على منظومة حجز المواعيد. لنلقى نظرة على الوضع الحالي للجوازات، وأخر ما أعلنته المصلحة وتداوله الناس فيما بينهم.

Zim-Wiki: Where have you been all my life?

I've come across Zim-Wiki while searching for the best notepad application, in this review I shall talk about why it has become my go to application for almost everything!
A true all in one solution!
Before installing Zim-wiki I used several software to do a part of the functionality it has! I used Rednotebook as a daily journal and Tasque tomake to do lists while using basket notes as a personal knowledge database! Talk about a cluttered data life! Now after migrating to Zim-wiki I replaced all of that software for more versatility, more functionality and more focus!  Which in turn made me a lot more productive! Less resources and more work done! Zim-wiki is light weight and cross platform (Windows and Linux). It operates like a wiki so it makes it easy to store and retrieve data and link pages together. It's simple and easy to use. And the interface is pretty straight forward. And gets the job done. I also look into the import / export feature as I need to backup and restore data…

Installing VirtualBox on your computer

We talked about installing VirtualBox on our computer, to do that we will go to and download the latest version for our system. And as soon it finishes downloading we start the install.
This post is using version 5
Before beginning you need to go to your BIOS and enable the "Enable Visualization option" so your computer can handle them better!
Installing VirtualBox is pretty straight forward, and as soon as you finish you will have the main interface of the program, it uses wizards and it's very easy to use. As soon as it runs it will ask you to determine an Operating system to run, define the name and system type, the hardware specifications, size and type and location of the virtual machine and the machine is created!
You need to have licenses for the systems you are installing. Installing Windows in a virtual environment doesn't mean it you can use a pirated version of it! It's recommended never to surpass the actual hardware capacity of your sys…

Virtual machines 101

Remember when I said that I shouldn't install / uninstall Windows so much? And that I should have made a virtual installation instead to test?
Well I will tell you how so you don't do the same mistakes I did. Virtual computing is all about installing operating systems in a fail safe environment. Where the damages don't affect the computer and stay in the "machine".
If you ever played an emulated game, then you have somewhat of an idea. It's actually very simple and used widely, let's take a look at what is a virtual machine?

Gdevelop, free game design software

If you are interested in making games, to learn how to program or simply for having fun. Then this is for you!
Gdevelop is cross platform, free and open source. And best of all: You don't need to learn how to code!
Just go to the website. Download the version for you and get to go, you can make native games or HTML5 games. The main interface has the scenes, events, sprites. In short everything you would expect of a game design software. There are many example games to play with and learn from. You can download games from the community as well! The only draw back is it's resource extensive especially when compiling games. But the rest should be really smooth! I worked with game maker and jump craft and this is my absolute favorite, due to the active and friendly community and continued support.

There is also a rich wiki with tutorials and videos for you to learn! It's less than 70 MB so go download it now! Make your own fun! Did you ever make a game? What did you…

الدبلوم العالي والدراسات العليا

من خلال هذه التدوينة أود طرح موضوع يمس كل طلبة التعليم العالي الذين درسوا في المعاهد ولديهم رغبة في مواصلة الدراسة والتحصل على شهادات عليا، والصعوبات التي يواجهها هؤلاء الطلبة في مسعاهم.
لماذا يود طالب الدبلوم العالي مواصلة الدراسة والتحصل على البكالوريس ومن بعدها الماجستير والدكتوراه؟

لأنه من حقه!
بداية من حق كل شخص أن ينال المستوى التعليمي الذي يلائمه، دون حرمانه من حقوقه في مواصلة التعليم، سواء على حسابه الشخصي أو حساب المجتمع، فلماذا التمييز بين خريج الجامعة وخريج المعهد، ووضع خريج المعهد في قالب فني نمطي تمرد عليه الكثير من الطلاب وأثبتوا أن بإمكانهم التفوق في التحصيل العلمي شأنهم شأن أقرانهم خريجي الجامعات.زيادة الدرجة الوظيفية
خريج الدبلوم العالي يتم تعيينه على الدرجة السابعة مع علاوتين (تتفاوت من دبلوم لأخر) ما يعني أنه أقل درجة وظيفية من نظيره الذي درس البكالوريس، ويتطلب وقتًا أطول ليترقى وظيفيًا من الوقت الذي يستغرقه خريج البكالوريس رغم أن الفارق التعليمي سنة واحدة وبضعة مواد دراسية لا أكثر.فرق المعاملةبعض الشركات والجهات العامة تتعامل مع خريج الدبلوم كأنه أقل شأنًا من زملائه (م…

Internet in Libya

I had to write about this issue to let the world know what kind of suffering do we have to endure to get online. 

Wiping free space to make the phone run faster

After updating a Samsung I9082 (Grand) from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 it became much slower and restarted often. A factory reset was due. Even after the reset the phone was incredibly slow.

The first thing you should do each morning!

Having a plan is essential for daily success. Planning your day carefully can make you a lot more productive..

Make a to do list first thing you wake up in the morning, or better yet before you sleep! And make it happen!

How to fix the mixed numbers on Android issue?

You got your new Android phone, you pop in the SIM card and expect everything to work like it should, but it doesn't!

اليوم العالمي للغة العربية

في مثل هذا اليوم من كل عام يحتفل العالم باليوم العالمي للغة العربية، هذا اليوم هو ذكرى دخول اللغة العربية ضمن اللغات الرسمية ولغات العمل بالأمم المتحدة، واخترت هذا اليوم بالذات للحديث عن أمر يضايقني بشدة حول اللغة العربية.

CodeLobsterPHP Edition 5.8 is out, supports Arabic!

CodeLobsterPHP Edition continues it's active development cycle by launching version 5.8 which brings many improvements to the  IDE, most notably an improvement long anticipated by Arab developers, Arabic support.

In my review of CodeLobsterPHP IDE I listed not supporting Arabic as a con of this software, now I can proudly say that it supports Arabic, and I was asked by the company to test for Arabic support, here are the results:

Windows 8.1 losing free space [FIXED]

After installing Windows 8.1 and doing all the updates. I was getting ready to create an image (in case anything happens) so I did the usual steps of cleaning and optimizing. Shortly after creating the image I noticed 12 GB of free space occupied! Where did my free space go?
I had just finished cleaning it! Didn't install a thing! Where did the space go?

Wifi not connecting on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 2 [FIXED]

After that partial upgrade and the annoying Docky issue finally fixed, I thought I was safe, but another annoying issue appeared,  and this time hitting closer to home!

الإنترنت في ليبيا

كان لزاما علي أن أتحدث عن هذه الأزمة ليعلم العالم مانوع المعاناة التي نقاسيها لندخل على شبكة الإنترنت.

بادئا ذي بدء كيف نتحصل على الإنترنت؟

يوجد مزود خدمة واحد في ليبيا ممملوك للحكومة (شركة ليبيا للإتصالات والتقنية).

Are people being sucked into the network?

Anywhere I go. People are staring into smartphones, even while driving yes! And I've avoided that idiot barley!

People are interacting less, staring more. Many more apps appear daily. I'm known for an Anti-Facebook attitude but it seems that there are other sites that suck people to that dark hole.

My blog reached 45K views!

It's been a while since I posted one of these posts, so I decided to leave them for the special occasions, this happens to be one of them!

The death of the laptop

I tend to follow the tech news, and lately laptop sales are dropping and companies are losing money, isn't that something! It struck me! Who uses a laptop anymore? When was the last time you used your laptop to do your daily tasks? I am writing this on my phone!

Fix the p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } problem in your blog

It happens more often with me than ever, maybe because now I write my posts outside of blogger and then paste them (and there is nothing wrong with that by the way!). It makes my blog look bad and a lot less professional.
I tried so many things including font play and adjusting the breakers, nothing worked! I was able to fix it so easily, so read on to learn the complete fix!
My old fix was to delete the post and post it again, and I'd lose the comments, and a lot of time. But thankfully I was able to fix it on my own. I looked the problem on line and found nothing.