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Today I reached 75,000 views!

Ubuntu 16.04 Beta 2 is out

Ubuntu 16.04 Beta 2 was released yesterday!

Gnome 3.20 is out!

Gnome 3.20 is out today, let's take a look at what's new in this release!

LinkWithin not showing similar posts fixed!

LinkWithin is a widget that appears on your blog and shows similar posts to the post you are on, it's a good way to show more content and get the users engaged, I tried adding it to my site and it didn't work!
It wasn't showing any posts!
In this post I'm going to show you how to fix it with one easy step!

فيسبوك، هل اَن أوان أن تتركه؟

مرحبًا بكم أعزائي القراء أمل أن يكون يومكم هذا سعيدًا، ومرحبًا إلى مقالة أخرى من مقالات مدونتي، سنتحدث اليوم عن موقع الفيسبوك.
أصبح الفيسبوك من أكثر المواقع زيارة على الإطلاق، الكل لديهم حساب أو حسابان عليه! إنه شعبي جدًا وممتع جدًا، كل شيئ تحبه موجود هنالك وفرصة تواصلك مع أي أحد في العالم تقريبًا! أليس هذا شيئًا رائعًا؟ لا، ليس كذلك!

CodeLobsterPHP Edition 5.9 is out, Arabic interface is here!

CodeLobsterPHP Edition 5.9 is out finally, and comes with a ton of bug fixes and security features, this version is special to me because it includes my translation from Arabic to English. (ost is in Arabic).

طرق مضمونة لتحويل الفشل الى نجاح

الكل يمر بلحظات الفشل، حيث يشعرون بعدم القدرة على الإستمرار ومنهم من يفقد الأمل كليا ويتوقف عن المحاولة، في هذه المقالة سنتعرض الى بعض النقاط التي ستساعدك حتما في قلب وضعك من الفشل الى النجاح بإذن الله.

Fix the random restart issue on Archos 45 Platinum

My brother uses an Android smartphone made by Archos, a French multinational electronics company that specializes in making smartphones, tablets and audio players since 1988, I like the company personally, yet I notice it’s barley known in the Libyan market. My brother blogged about it on his blog at this link (in Arabic). Lately my brother’s phone (Archos 45 Platimum) was acting up, it was restarting at random times, he also noticed a drop in battery performance, the phone became unusable and it needed to be repaired, so here is what we did.
The first step was to remove all the data from the phone, back it up and then preform a factory reset, I used MyPhone explorer, which I blogged about before here.

Factory default didn’t work..
We went to the support page and decided to download the phone’s firmware to flash it new, but that didn’t work also, even when following the steps on this site.
My brother noticed something worth noting! That when the phone was plugged into power it didn’t rebo…

My 400th post, what a journey!

I realized that I have reached my 400th post, and it’s a significant milestone indeed!

جعل ليبر أوفيس متوافقًا مع العربية أكثر

بعد أن تحدثنا عن حزمة الإنتاجية المكتبية ليبرأوفيس وعن أهم مميزاتها، يجب أن نقوم ببعض التخصيصات كي تكون ملائمة تمامًا للغة العربية.


Today I'm happy to announce that my blog reached 70,000 viewers, and I couldn't have done it without all of you!

ليبر أوفيس بالعربية

يومكم سعيد أعزائي القراء، اليوم سنتحدث عن حزمة مكتبية لم تخرج من تحت عباءة (ميكروسوفت)، بل على العكس تماماً، تهدف إلى تحطيم احتكارها وخلق منافسة لم تكن بالحسبان!

uGet downloader

A download manager is a must have tool for any computer user, and there are many options to choose from, my favorite is FDM that only exists on Windows (was recently ported to Mac and soon to Ubuntu). But until FDM is available for Ubuntu, let’s take a look at another popular option, that’s uGet, I chose it over the rest of the bunch for many reasons.

Fix some Ubuntu startup issues with this easy trick!

I fresh installed Ubuntu 14.04.4 lately and things has been smooth, most of the issues I encountered were because of the interface change, looking back maybe the interface was buggy, and I should have read the bug list before installing it!

Advantages of having Windows phone over Android

Until one of my readers asked me this question, I thought I posted about this, turns out I didn't! Let's take a look at some of the perks that Windows phone has!
It's an opinion piece, so don't get all worked up ;)

Common Windows Phone errors and how to fix them

It's not all fun and games with Windows phone. It's better than Android as it doesn't crash as often, but I ran into several bugs the other day that I have to blog about.

Let's take a look at the issue I turned off the phone and removed the battery to remove the SD memory card that's underneath (a major design flaw) and when I returned it, it was not the same! I noticed that many apps were refusing to work the way they used to! And the browser won't load search results. I thought it was a connection issue (Error 800704CF). but the error messages were about syncing with outlook (Error 80070020).
At this point I was going to restore the factory default settings, which would have deleted everything on the phone and I would have to start all over!
After researching several error codes I realized it was far too simple!

The fix
I set the date wrong! (Error 80072F05) The easiest fix was to set the time automatically, to do this follow these three easy steps!

Go to the main…

Mainstream attention!

It so happened that I gained a ton of mainstream interest. I blogged about Libyan passports before and every time the registration opens my views spike, today it reached a record of 3696 views in one day! It took me months to get to that number back when I first started blogging! I'm glad all that hard work is finally paying off!