CodeLobsterPHP Edition 5.9 is out, Arabic interface is here!

CodeLobsterPHP Edition 5.9 is out finally, and comes with a ton of bug fixes and security features, this version is special to me because it includes my translation from Arabic to English. (The post is in Arabic).

CodeLobsterPHP Edition 5.9 logo

CodeLobster 5.9 comes with a number of bug fixes and features, I quoted these from the news section on the company's site:

Codelobster PHP Edition FREE Version 5.9 released!
New version has the following new abilities:

  • Drupal plug-in:
      Now supports Drupal version 8.x
  • Symfony plug-in:
      Now supports Symfony version 3.x
  • Phalcon plug-in:
      Now supports Symfony version 2.x
      Improved autocomplete
  • Improved PHP help and tooltips
  • Autocomplete for PHP functions that return mixed values
  • Improved Node.js autocomplete
  • Debuger for PHP version 7.x
  • Arabic interface has been added (Translated by Muaad Elsharif). 

  • Bugs fixed:
    • Support @keyframes in CSS
      Print "&" sign
      Tooltips and navigation for CSS classes named in kebab-case
      Extra refresh command when finished FTP file upload
    For more information visit the website.

    Probably the most notable change, or to me at least is that my translation of the program's interface is included starting of this version! 

    To download a free version of  CodeLobsterPHP Edition click here now. I've made a blog post with a fully detailed review of  CodeLobsterPHP Edition that you can find on this link.