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Ubuntu 16.04 is finally out!

Finally! The much anticipated Ubuntu 16.04 is out! I've been waiting for months for this new release! Thank god it's finally out!

The wait is FINALLY over!! So what makes this release very special?
New features in Ubuntu 16.04
Introduces “snaps” for new robust, secure app format Introduces LXD pure-container hypervisor with OpenStack MitakaSupports IBM Z and LinuxONE systems with flat pricingSteps towards converged Ubuntu across IOT, Phone, Desktop and ServerIntroduces ZFS and CephFS for large-scale cloud storage.New Linux Kernel 4.4 New installation media! For the first time, Ubuntu will be shipped on USBInstallation Disk rather than the usual CD/DVD that has been used since the beginning, and will cost around 6.5$ per disk (shipping not included), credit for this goes to omgubuntu.
If you cant buy it or won't, here is my tutorial on making your own Ubuntu USB disk, but I'd love to have one of those to be honest!!

Other flavors of Ubuntu are out today as well! So feel f…

Ubutnu 16.04 just around the corner, total media silence!

It's just two days away separating us from the release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS!
Yet it seems like there is nothing, no one is talking about the imminent release!

 16.04 almost here!
I've been covering Ubuntu 16.04 since the first Alpha, you can tell how much I'm excited for this release since I've been using Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Taher ever since it was released! Down to the first Beta and second beta released,
 What surprises me isn't the lack of media coverage from big tech sites and mainstream attention, I'm really stunned that Ubuntu themselves aren't covering the event at all!
I am following Ubuntu's twitter account closely, and nothing about Ubuntu 16.04 was tweeted, nothing at all! Not even a tweet!
Now I understand that Canonical has more profiting projects to cover and that Ubuntu for the desktop draws little if any money at all, but that doesn't mean to completely ignore the release!

It would be awful if Ubuntu's release was announced aft…

Reasons why I’m not renewing my domain

I had a domain for over a year now which I got from Libya’s biggest (and only) ISP,Libya Telecom and Technology, it wasn’t as good as I thought! I had some expectations about getting a domain of my own, sadly none of them came true, even when I did my best promoting and getting my name out there! I thought it would look good on a resume.
People started to think (for some reason) that I’m really good with making sites, and all of a sudden I’m plagued with requests of making websites, I am not a web developer! I thought it would help get me a better job
I thought that having a site (not just a free hosted blog) would catch the eyes of HR personal and enhance my chance of nailing a dream job (any decent job in my case) but it didn’t! Times aren’t so easy
With this economy I have to squeeze in every penny, and since the domain didn’t reel in any money or do anything real to enhance my career, then I’m better off making other investments and leave the domain for now. Not making the full pot…

HP 1005 not printing paper stuck fixed

While working for IT, I come across some technical problems that simply make me wanna blog!
There was this old HP printer sitting on a shelve at the department I worked for, and while fixing other major downtime issues, the head of the department asked me to look at it: “I know you are busy, but could you look at this printer when you have some time to spare? It stopped printing and we already ordered another one, but it wouldn’t hurt if you fixed it so we could have another one to spare?”.

I wasn’t going to turn the request down.
Problem description
I plugged the printer to the main PC at the department (running Windows 7 professional) and the printer was recognized by the computer, took the printing command. And made that printing noise, but nothing was coming out! The paper was jammed!
I did some research on the HP forums, but couldn’t get a single piece of information regarding the issue, and I wasn’t going to sign-up for the form and post the issue (it’s a 10 year old printer!) …