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Ubuntu 16.04 is finally out!

Finally! The much anticipated Ubuntu 16.04 is out! I've been waiting for months for this new release! Thank god it's finally out!

The wait is FINALLY over!!So what makes this release very special?

Ubutnu 16.04 just around the corner, total media silence!

It's just two days away separating us from the release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS!
Yet it seems like there is nothing, no one is talking about the imminent release!

Reasons why I’m not renewing my domain

I had a domain for over a year now which I got from Libya’s biggest (and only) ISP,Libya Telecom and Technology, it wasn’t as good as I thought! I had some expectations about getting a domain of my own, sadly none of them came true, even when I did my best promoting and getting my name out there!

HP 1005 not printing paper stuck fixed

While working for IT, I come across some technical problems that simply make me wanna blog!