My review of Ubuntu Gnome 16.04

It's been a couple of weeks since Ubuntu 16.04 was out! I decided to take my time and give the new distribution some time before making a review, I think two weeks are enough time, so let's take a look at Ubuntu Gnome 16.04!!

Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 new logo

The distribution

Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 became an official Ubuntu flavor, making use of the Gnome interface, unlike the official Ubuntu that uses Unity as interface, it comes with Gnome software and isn't a clone of Ubuntu, there are some minor differences in apps, Basero is  the default disk burn utility for example, and gnome software is at 3.20 out of the box. 

Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 Screenshot
Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 Screenshot
Please note that some of the tools in the screenshot aren't installed natively, such as Zim-wiki and Sublime text

Download and Install

I've downloaded Ubuntu Gnome via torrent because I read it's better for the servers, and come to think of it since the electricity goes out very often here, it's better to download Ubuntu via torrent to save myself the trouble of downloading it all over again! It was downloaded eventually after 6 hours.
Checkout the download link from here.

It took 6 hours to download!
Torrent download information

I put it on a USB and began installing, pretty much the same since Ubuntu 10.10.
This version has 3 years of LTS support, why not five years? I'm not sure.

Steps to take after installing Ubuntu Gnome 16.04

Most of these steps are on my blog, but it won't hurt to collect them all together in one neat list, would it?

  • Install gnome extension TopIcons Plus to move the status icons to the top bar rather than having them on the side abstracting the view! 

  • Features and improvements

    Ubuntu Gnome's new logo 

    Issues and defects


    Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 ships with Gnome software 3.20. Which is the software that is supposed to replace Ubuntu Software center, I find them both buggy and unusable, as I use Synaptic to do my package work.

    Softwares 3.20 on Ubuntu 16.04

    I do believe it needs more work to become a reliable software center, it stays in the background and behaves oddly, it doesn't show the download progress on software being downloaded too, which seems odd!

    I winded up un-installing software and reinstalling the good'ol Ubuntu software center!

    Final words

    Ubuntu Gnome is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy Gnome  without having to leave the Ubuntu universe to Fedora or OpenSuse, it provides the purist Gnome experience possible for Ubuntu, and it preformed better than regular Ubuntu installed on older machines (with proper tweaking mentioned here).

    The more I use it the more I could tell that this is the distro for me, great job indeed by the team, and I rate it as a must have! 
    I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know what you think in the comments section below, and remember: Sharing is caring!!

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