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How to fix and prevent the /dev/sda1: recovering journal On Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome

As I was booting my computer up one morning I saw this awful error message rather than the Ubuntu Gnome boot logo, it turned out to be a common error and can be fixed easily, let's get to the details!
Cause of the issue The problem occurs when the computer isn't shut off properly or when electrical failure happens, some data on the SSD isn't stored properly and the boot process is halted.
In my case it's the power issues that ruined my laptop battery and is making it's way to my data stored on the SSD. 
How to fix it The screen itself suggests a terminal command to fix the drive which was useless in my case, my easy fix was using a live Linux installation from a USB -I used Linux mint- and used Gparted to fix the damaged drive (please note that using Gparted can be very risky and cause data loss). 

Using Gparted from a live distro

We are using Gparted to fix the partition, it depends on how you did your disk but it's the same way.
Entering the password to run …

An unusual weekend: Comi-con and FM radio!

This weekend comes as a change from my normal weekend routine that I have settled into in the past few years since graduating from college, which consists usually of me hanging around endlessly checking social media, or hanging out with a friend at a coffee shop (checking social media from there), the same friend at the same coffee shop, it gets boring after a while, doesn’t it?
I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try to do some activities even when there isn’t much to do around here.
Please note that the weekend in Libya is Friday and Saturday.

 Friday: Comi-Con Libya On Friday I decided to go to Comi-Con Libya (short for comic book convention), it was a chance to meet up with an old friend  of mine who works 6 days a week and usually spends his holiday with his family, I wasn’t really interested in going but I went to humor my friend and spend a day with him, what discouraged me is that I knew the team responsible for organizing Comi-Con split up and now instead of having …

LibreOffice is more than just a MS office alternative

The timing couldn't have been more prefect, with Libreoffice convention just ending and as we enjoy the freshly released LibreOffice 5.2, this post has been siting as a draft for quite some time! It's about Libreoffice taking the lead as a unique word processing suit.

Many websites that claim to be expert on software label LibreOffice as a “drop dead alternative” for MS office, some are down playing LibreOffice by calling it: the best of the “free” bunch, those are still a little better than the guys who can't tell LibreOffice apart from Apache OpenOffice (I am afraid that OpenOffice might be dead already)!
Those are the people who rather use a pirated MS product than to use LibreOffice, for shame!
The only thing that LibreOffice has in common with MS office is the “word processing” part, and other than that, LibreOffice is a different project completely!

If you think that LibreOffice is just a meek second for MS office, then you need to think again! LibreOffice is not a M…

عيد أضحى مبارك

كل العام وقراء مدونتي والشعب الليبي واﻷمة الإسلامية بخير

Tech news digest (September 2016)

In this post I'm collecting tech news from all over the web, too small for separate posts, but I guess that everyone is up for a treat with a digest like this!
The Samsung galaxy note 7 catching fire! Samsung has called a worldwide recall of the smartphone on complaints of catching fire and exploding while charging. So if you got one I recommend you to check with the closest Samsung reseller.

And tests that involved Galaxy Edge 7 show that it catches fire and explodes as well.
It is so serious that the Australian airlines banned the use of Galaxy Note 7 because it's a security concern, and the FFA warns the passengers not to use the phone on planes.
Apache Openoffice maybe put to rest! The project may be put to rest due to lack of volunteers working on it, as most of them moved to to work on LibreOffice in 2011.

Apache open office has been very slow in development and the last stable update was issued in October of 2015. Bug fixes weren't issued and the developers fear a…

My 3 year journey with GNU Linux

Linux has been around for 25 years! Last week the world celebrated the 25th anniversary since Linus Torvalds wrote the Minix kernel.
I've been using Gun/Linux based operating system as my main OS for three years now, and it's been very rewarding! In this post I’ll talk about a journey with GNU/Linux and how it turned into what I use on daily basis and feels right to me rather than the new interesting idea I saw in a tech magazine!
My beginnings with Linux Although I learned about Gnu/Linux over ten years ago (thanks to the wonderful LTT magazine) I didn't fully convert to open source until I graduated from college. We depended on Microsoft based products for school such as SQL server and Visual studio, which were essential softwares for a computer science major and I couldn't risk converting to Linux and messing up my school work so it had to wait, I was itching to get rid of Microsoft Windows and start fresh with an all open source system.

Even then I relied on open so…