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إظلام تام (بلاك اوت) في ليبيا وأخبار أخرى!

معذرة أعزائي القراء، لم أستطع التدوين في الأسبوعين الماضيين! رغم كل المواعظ التي كنت أعطيها حول التدوين مرة أسبوعيًا، قد حدث ما كنت أخشاه، صار التدوين رفاهية لا يمكنني تحملها! لكنني اليوم أعود لكم بتدوينة جديدة.

Total blackout in Tripoli, 200,000 views update

It's no secret that the electricity in Libya is terrible, the company who is supposed to provide electricity to Libyans failed doing the one job it was supposed to do, the only thing they could do is make up excuses for failure..

Failure of the GECOL

In the last couple of years all they do is posting on Facebook saying how many hours of outage to expect, calculating Libya's electric production and deficiency. These programmed power outages are meant to stabilize the power grid and to prevent blackouts. Many cities refuse programmed power cuts to stabilize the grid, so Tripoli takes most of the power cuts in the summer and in the winter, as if that wasn't enough, some protesters closed a main gas line that fuels a major power station, threatening a blackout on most of Libya.

The blackout We could tell this was different, usually the electricity goes off instantly, after 5 years of misery you start to get used to the outages, this outage on the other hand faded slowly, l…

Winter in Tripoli with power cuts

The cold season is here, and with the cold season comes some unpleasant things.
Flu seems to be taking the population by storm, everybody is forced to get it at least once *sniff, and I’m no exception.

For the German version of this post, please check this post translated by Mrs. Angelika Gutsche
Electricity, again! Another sad phenomenon that comes with winter is long power cuts, it’s funny that an oil producing country isn’t able to provide electricity to power up the capital, but that’s how it is.
Notice how I said the capital and not the country, other cities don’t have this issue, it’s just Tripoli.

Which is very stupid – if I’m allowed to rant here- because Tripoli has all the services: Banks, ministries, and communication companies, which means that when you cut the power off of Tripoli, you are shooting yourself in the foot, basically.

It gets colder every year! This winter is very cold, I know that every winter seems to be the coldest ever, but this one is really cold!
And …