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Plank. The BEST dock you will ever use on Ubuntu!

I blogged about Docky a few years ago when I moved to Ubuntu from Windows as I needed something to replace Nexus dock, and later RocketDock, and I added it to a post about the best docks for Linux and Windows.

Introduction Docky is the dock to go to when using Ubuntu, it’s fast and it’s light, not to mention it’s free, it has two branches for development which I find to be a bit confusing!
One of the branches is stable but lacks features, and the other crashes often but is full with features.

What if there was a dock that had the best of both branches? Stable and fully featured? Meet Plank everyone!

Plank Plank is a fork of Docky that is shipped by default with the popular operating system Linux Elementary. It is based on Docky 3.0.0 according to the Plank wiki, and it’s aimed to be the simplest dock available, to preform what a dock is supposed to do, and I couldn’t agree more!
How to install Plank?
In a terminal window enter these commands one by one to install Plank, and after it’s …

مذكرات يوم إجازة

مرت مدة طويلة منذ أخر إجازة حقيقية حصلت عليها!
لا أتحدث عن أيام العطلة، فكل أسبوع لدينا يوم الجمعة (أعمل يوم السبت معظم الوقت)، وحتى يوم الجمعة لاحظت أنني أقوم بالكثير من الأعمال التي لا تندرج تحت مفهوم الإجازة!

خلعت النظارة السوداء

قررت بعد تفكير طويل حفزته نصيحة من أحد معارفي أن أتخلى عن المنظور السوداوي الكئيب الذي أنظر من خلاله للحياة، لا يبدو الأمر بهذه السهولة خاصة وأن ذات الظروف الصعبة لا تزال مهيمنة بقوة على المشهد.

Kubuntu 16.04.01 Install and review

I have been using Ubuntu Gnome for over a year now, and it has been great, there has been some bugs here and there that I could work my way around, but it got really out of hand lately so it was time for a change!
Disto hopping
I admit, distro hopping is something I am guilty of; you get to try many distros and interfaces very easily, and it is criticized for being counter productive and a total waste of time and resources, but that's not always the case, it's sometimes you need to take a step back to keep going forward.

Reasons why I left Gnome I had issues with the login manager “GDM3”, that seems to be a bug that targets Lenovo computers with Nivida drivers (even when mine doesn't have it).

The recovering journal issue that happens very often (because of the login issue mainly) and threatens to damage my SSD.
Ubuntu Gnome which only has 3 years of LTS support, which is two years less than the official flavor that ships with Unity!

Issues with Bluetooth and overall power ma…

Streets of Rage 5 Remake review and download

It's been ages since I last posted the game of the week segment! It's where I highlight an awesome free / open source game for the readers to enjoy.
Over the past few years I started gaming a lot less and focusing more on writing and other things, later I learned the hard way that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy! So gaming is back and by force!
This game is a remake of the hit series of the early 90s made by SEGA, it's a completely separate project done from scratch by bomber games.

The streets of rage series was a trilogy of games made by SEGA in the classic beat em up style that was so popular at the time. The game had 3 original characters: Axel, Adam and Blaze. Three young police officers who take it to the streets to save the city from the gangs of Mr.X . The game had a player one and two player mode co op, a second game was made in 1992 and the final game was released in 1994, as a player I felt the game was incomplete and for years I wanted more of SoR but

LibreOffice 5.3 is out, Enable the Notebook bar in 3 easy steps!

The much anticipated LibreOffice 5.3 is out, the tech world and open source community welcomes the latest milestone release of LibreOffice, which brings many improvements and bug fixes, this release is on of the most feature rich in the history of LibreOffice.

Whats new in LibreOffice 5.3?LibreOffice 5.3 is packed with new features that make it easier to use and familiar to new users.
Improved text layout engine for a consistent look cross platforms using HarfBuzz.Preserving table looks when applying edits in Writer.Improvements to default cell styles in Calc.A template selector when opening in impress to choose templates from, and a new slides properties deck in the sidebar when in master slide mode.Many "under the hood improvements for easier development.Experimental UI features, a notebook bar can be added that is similar to MS office ribbon, this feature is completely optional while the sidebar can be docked to the side with a single click.LibreOffice online, the collaborative …