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أنا والتليفزيون

لقد مضى وقت طويل منذ جلست باختياري أمام شاشة التلفاز لأشاهد شيئًا ما، لم يعد هذا الجهاز يستهويني.

I've been using the same laptop for 5 years

I’ve been using this laptop now for five years, which doesn’t seem like much for some; but for me – the chronic device hopper is kind of a milestone-. I still remember the day I bought it and how I did that exactly.
My hardware 5 years agoAt the time I owned a desktop computer and I bought a netbook (out on an impulse) and neither of them had good performance! The perk of the netbook was the size and the decent battery life -compared to my desktop of course -. But as I started to work on my graduation thesis (which was a video game by the way) I realized that non of these devices would do the trick, and that it was time to upgrade.

A word about my old netbook
My netbook was really good! I could fit it in my book bag easily, and typing on it was so much fun. Until now I still regret selling it -and might wind up buying another one eventually-. It was the device I used to write my first post on this blog and one of the highest read posts at the time was about the netbook, by the netbook!


خط الفقر الليبي، واقع وتداعيات

الشعب الليبي "الغني" سابقًا يفيق على حقيقة مفجعة! شريحة لا بأس بها من المواطنين انزلقت تحت خط الفقر بينما تضخمت تكاليف المعيشة بشكل غير مسبوق.

4 years with Ubuntu!

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I’ve been using Ubuntu as a main operating system for quite some time now, 4 years to be specific. To celebrate this anniversary I decided to look back on my journey with Ubuntu so far and share some updates with my readers.
Looking back  When I took the decision to install Ubuntu on my laptop, my aim was to convert to a free and clean system where I can do what I do best without restrictions (such as proprietary licenses and common malware), while staying productive and without drastic changes in my lifestyle.
The transition was smooth because I did my home work before and most of the tools I use daily are cross platform, so I felt right at home with Ubuntu.

This year's change I migrated from Gnome to KDE due to long lasting bug with Lenovo laptops (very specific bug sadly) that prevented me from being productive and threatened to harm my hardware in the long term, Kubuntu has been great so far (despite some issues in the beginning) and I c…