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حصاد سنة 2017

كما فعلت في نهاية 2016، هذا كشف حساب السنة التي تلفظ أنفاسها الأخيرة اليوم، أسلط فيه الضوء على أهم الأحداث والقرارات التي اتخذتها، لتوثيقها و تحديد بداية المسار الجديد الذي يليها.

تطبيق تيليغرام الحل اﻷمثل لإتصالاتك!

توجد العديد من التطبيقات في السوق تسهل عملية التواصل بين الأفراد، والقليل منها فقط يراعي خصوصية الفرد وسلامة بياناته، في هذه التدوينة سنتعرف على أحد أفضل هذه التطبيقات (تيليغرام) ولماذا يجب أن تفكر فيه كخيار لتواصلك مع الأخرين؟

Understanding sleep cycles for better sleep

I’m known for being a productivity freak, so this post caters to that niche of mine.
Sleep is a vital part of our lives, and studies suggest that we spend one third of our lives sleeping.
So a good night sleep is not to be taken lightly.

 A fair warning: This post isn’t based on a doctor’s advice, I’m not a doctor and this shouldn’t be treated as medical advice, if you have troubles sleeping please consult a real doctor!
For this post, I’m going to talk about sleep cycles and how understanding them can improve the quality of your sleep, and a great tool to help you harness the power of sleep cycles (and tools to avoid).
What are sleep cycles? Sleeping isn’t a single phase, it’s divided to several stages that repeat themselves in cycles, the stages are: lights sleep, deep sleep and dream state.
According to this scientific finding if you wake up right during light sleep you would feel that you had enough sleep, waking up in the middle however causes headaches and discomfort.

Knowing …

Why do I hate Wednesday?

Everyone who has been following me on social media knows that I’m not a huge fan of Wednesday, in fact I don’t like that day at all.
Hate is such a strong emotion, isn’t it?

For a German translation of this post, please click here.

Too minimal? Striking the perfect balance

I posted a while back about trying to be minimal with my tools and work flow, one of the drastic changes I made was removing Zim wiki and trying to use Libreoffice as a personal wiki.
I tried that for 45 days, even with some advanced tricks like master pages and the extension writer tools, it was clear that Libreoffice wasn’t cut for this.

ساعة قديمة ومغامرة

لطالما كنت مغرما بإصلاح الأشياء التالفة وإعطائها عمرا أطول من عمرها الافتراضي، يمكنك ملاحظة هذا من تدوينات صيانة الكمبيوتروالمولدات (صدقوني لا أمتلك ورشة مولدات). خاصة لو كان لهذه الأشياء قيمة عاطفية.

A vicious cycle

Heads up: This post was written for venting purpose only, it doesn’t provide any solutions or suggest them even remotely, and yes; it’s pretty damn depressing.

For the German version of this post, click here.  

I’m still living in Libya – using the term living loosely as usual -, and it seems like all my attempts to get out are failing miserably, so for what’s it worth, I’m sticking here for a while.

ليبيا بدون نقود - الواقع والحلول

مر عام ونصف منذ دونت عن أزمة السيولة في ليبيا، وحتى الآن فإن بوادر الحل لا تزال بعيدة المنال. هذه التدوينة لا تحاول حل لغز اختفاء 30 مليار دينار من المصارف (حسب بيانات المصرف المركزي)، ولا الإجراءات المصرفية التعسفية وتعسر السحب من المصارف،لأن هذا الأمر بالذات عجز عنه جهابذة الاقتصاد في ليبيا! لكنها تركز على الحلول البديلة ونظرة مستقبلية.

Rocks'n'Diamonds review and download

It’s been sometime since I’ve posted a game of the week segment! 10 months to be exact!
This time it’s a game that I found by accident as I was looking for another game and it turned out much better than the one I was looking for!
Are you interested? Let’s get going!
I was looking for a game called Supaplex that was popular on DOS operating system, it’s one of the earliest games I played on PC and enjoyed so much, but playing on Dosbox isn’t very comfortable.

On the other hand, a much better alternative seems to emerge!

The game is called Rocks’n’Diamonds and it’s a mixture of Supaplex, Prince, Dig dug, Bombermaan, chip's challenge,  and even fixit Felix (I might blog next about bombermaan so stay tuned).

Info about the game The game is made by Artsoft Entertainment and it has a rich legacy going back to 1995, the version I downloaded was as recent as October 2017 (Version

The game is a puzzle game with increasing difficulty and fast paced gameplay,  the soun…