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Planning and result

I thought I had everything figured out! Drew out a master plan that was fail proof and went on with the plan, little did I know that things can go wrong in a multitude of ways!

Original plans I don't want to share my exact plans on the blog, but I can say that I took a great deal of effort to see my plans through, worked hard and spent countless sleepless nights achieving vital steps to the plan, however things didn't go the way I wanted them to go, and that's fine!

A plan for each letter of the alphabet  I was determined that I am going to change my current situation, rather than ranting about it and not doing anything; gladly I managed to make some changes to my life, and trying to implement others as the days go by.
I realized that plans often need changing to adapt to real life situations, rather than expecting life to adapt to our plans. 
Life is a box of chocolates A quote from the movie Forrest Gump goes like this: "Life is a box of chocolates, you never know …

Battle for Wesnoth review and download

I’ve reviewed many games on this blog, all share a similar concept: being freeware or open source.
Honorable mentions include: Streets of Rage 5, Rocks’n’Diamonds, Mario 2012, Tux Cart, Kega Fusion (Sega emulator), Fix it Felix remake, among other games

What is a Turn-based Strategy? Today I’ll be talking about a new game: Battle for Wesnoth, a free and open source TBS (Turn-based strategy), in games like these a player does all of his moves which can include moving troops, fighting enemies or taking control of villages, before ending his turn and waiting for the other player/s to play. 

What makes Wesnoth so special?
The battle for Westnoth stands out in the midst of free and open source strategy games, because let’s face it, a lot of free games are rough around the edges and really hard to get into, some are almost made as quirks that only the developers can enjoy! (Like Flair Alpha that I reviewed a few years back, and lords a war! , they were unplayable to me.), Wesnoth is no…

My second wind blogging!

I thought around the sixth year of blogging that I ran out of ideas, I've blogged about things I never though I'd talk about in public, and that was it.  The end of the road I was seriously complimenting about quitting blogging and just leave the blog to collect views slowly, which is something I discussed in the sixth anniversary blog post.

Walking away from blogging isn't something I would like to do, it's a big part of who I am and how I view myself, therefore I needed to dig deeper to find more topics that relates to everyday life.

My blog is growing with me My blog is a journal of my life (at least the things I chose to share), it helps me celebrate important things and look back on my life.

Also it's a chronicle of my learning journey, and it helps archive providing me with a centralized easy to access knowledge base of all the things I experienced with.

I'm glad that I was able to find my second wind blogging, I have more ideas to blog about that would kee…

خمس سنوات مع جنو لينكس

مرت خمس سنوات منذ بدأت في استعمال لينكس على جهازي المحمول بشكل يومي، بهذه المناسبة أود الاحتفاء ببعض المحطات الفارقة في هذا المشوار، تمهيدا للخطوات التالية.

المحطات السابقة باللغة الانجليزية: أول ثلاثة أشهر، ومرور ثلاث سنوات، ومرور أربع سنوات.
سبب تدويني لهذه التجربة باللغة العربية هو ايصال المعلومة للقراء بالعربية و مشاركتهم لهذه العلامة الفارقة في حياتي، وأيضا نشر المعلومة حول لينكس والمصادر الحرة.

 بدأت القصة في عام 2007 مع أول عدد من مجلة ليبيا للاتصالات والتقنية، حيث رأيت ولأول مرة مقالا يتكلم عن توزيعة جنو لينكس أبونتو، صور الشاشة التي رأيتها كانت مبهرة بالنسبة لي (أنا الذي لم أستخدم شيئًا أحدث من ويندوز أكس بي)، ومجرد مطالعة تلك المقالة وسعت مداركي بفكرة مفادها: هناك شيء هناك غير نظام ويندوز العتيد – وأنا الذي لم أرى سوى نظام دوس في كتب البرمجة العتيقة - . أعدت قراءة العدد أكثر من مرة وشعرت بنفس الشعور كلما مررت بالمقالة (آفاق جديدة تفتح أمامي).

يوم أبونتو اﻷول – واﻷخير في ليبيا – عام 2009 كان يصادف اختبارًا هامًا، لذلك فضلت تفويت الاحتفالية للمذاكرة (توجد تغطية للحدث على مدون…