Discovering Reddit

I take hiatuses from social media ever so often. It can get very depressing and frustrating to keep up with the never ending stream of news and social commentary,  for an introvert like me that can be very stimulating and a bit too much to handle.
So where do I go when social media is too much for me?


A word short for "I read it on the internet", one of my favorite websites; filled with Sub-reddits that cover almost every topic you can think of. No matter how quirky are your niches, there is a good chance there is already an active subreddit for it. 

Getting Started with Reddit

Using Reddit can be a bit confusing at first, but I found that using the site tour is very helpful and will get you going within minutes, from there it will feel like second nature! (I'm using the old look btw).
I've been on and off since 2015, and it helped me upgrade to Windows 10 before it's release!

The comments section

While the comments section on Facebook for example can be a cancerous place to checkout, Reddit has a great comment section filled with witty one liners and helpful information, people who genuinely want to help and offer their experience in life for people to learn.
Seriously the comments make me laugh so hard, I know that this is what I would like to spend my time on. 

It's not social media, it's not a forum

Reddit is rather unique, it's not exactly considered social media but it's more relaxed and laid back than conventional VB forums that died off anyway; but if you don't follow the sub-reddit rules, moderators will chew your head off, so play nicely :D 

You can be anyone, anyone..

Reddit only requires a username and a password, you don't have to register with your e-mail if you don't want to, therefore you can use an anonymous name for login, making it perfect for those who like to remain unknown on the web, or for the dogs among us! 

Memes and more memes

I like seeing the fresh and creative memes people make, it's sometimes too relatable to be real! A good laugh is always appreciated. 
I don't care very much for Karma or gold, I just want to laugh and have a good time; and sometimes to make relatable comments and feel good about upvotes. 

Plays well with RSS

I've blogged about RSS readers in this blog before saying that it's one of my favorite morning rituals, it so happens that you can export your favorite subreddits and read them on your RSS reader, that's so old school!
I love it when a plan comes together! 


I recommend everyone who haven't tried Reddit to give it a try, it's a wonderful site! I use it usually now days, even when I'm "on social media". 

And for those of you who did: What are your favorite subreddits? Care to share some?

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