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Living in a haze!

Here we are, the last day of the first month of 2019.
 What was I doing? How did I spend this month? Work, work and you've guessed it! More work! Sigh.. Will I ever learn my lesson?
I didn't get a chance to do the things I like and enjoy, like playing games even when I bought a gaming keyboard! or reading as much as I want to. I found that I spend my resting time aimlessly browsing social media, and even Reddit! That's not how time should be spent. 
So I did a social media detox, the problem is with my sleep cycle, not with social media.

My sleep is a mess, having to wake up early to go to work in order to beat the traffic, and sleep early to wake up in the middle of the night to work when there is some power..
The electricity situation continues Sadly the electricity is still on and off, making work more difficult.
Hopefully in the coming month I am able to make more balance happen.
Blogging wise, I haven't posted much, and to be perfectly honest: This post is for me…

ما أختار مشاركته مع القراء

لشخص انطوائي بالمجمل من الصعب الحديث عن مجريات حياتي وما يحدث فيها، خاصة مع القراء الذين يشكل الغرباء منهم السواد الأعظم، كيف أحقق التوازن بين المحافظة على خصوصية الحياة - أكبر انتقاداتي لوسائل التواصل الاجتماعي -، وبين الاختزال المخل بأمانة النقل؟

Enable LED light on JINDIAO K8 Multimedia LED Keyboard in Linux!

LED keyboards are awesome! They make night working and gaming so much easier -especially if you live somewhere where electricity goes off very often- And they look great!
Some affordable models like the Jeway Phantom K7 Keyboard and JINDIAO K8 Multimedia LED Keyboard won’t work with Linux right away, but with some clever hacking you can make your affordable keyboard into a fully functional, Linux friendly hardware. 

An issue with support Sadly these products don’t have websites and the companies don’t provide any kind of support, let alone for Linux! But that’s where this post comes in handy.
The case When you turn on the computer and press the LED switch, it works during boot. But as soon as the Linux kernel loads it turns off and stays off. You might even notice new lines when booting similar to the Comm reset issue, but don’t worry, Xset is our friend!
Testing the button with acpi_listen The button that enables the led light isn’t recognized by Linux, you can make sure by typing i…