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سبع سنين على درب التدوين

سبع سنوات مرت بحلوها ومرها منذ قررت افتتاح هذه المدونة، محطات عديدة مررت بها كشخص وكمدون موثقة على هذه الصفحات، بالتلميح تارة، وبالتصريح تارة أخرى. أزورها باقتضاب في هذه التدوينة.
بالعودة إلى البداية، عندما بدأ كل شيء.. كانت رغبتي من افتتاح هذه المدونة هي تقديم المساعدة بشأن مشاكل لم أجد حلولًا لها على شبكة الإنترنت. مثل هذه التصرفات ترجع لتنشئتي الكشفية والتي عماد شريعتها هي تقديم المساعدة دون انتظار لمقابل.
رحلة تعلم
شملت هذه التدوينات رحلتي في عالم الكمبيوتر والصيانة، وتحولي لنظام لينكس وإتقاني له بشكل تدريجي، وتجارب حياتية تنوعت ما بين وظائف شغلتها، وهوايات مارستها، ومواضيع عامة هنا وهناك. وطبعا تغطية للأزمات المعيشية التي أثقلت كاهن المواطن: الحرب اﻷهلية، وأزمة الكهرباء، وأزمة نقص السيولة، وأزمة السكن، والازدحام المروري، وأم الأزمات ومصدرها: الانقسام السياسي. أزمات شخصية
مواضيع مثل: مفترق طرق، ووهم الاختيار، والجيلاطينة الصفحة المفقودة، ورثاء حمزة – رحمه الله – لم يكن من السهل نشرها والحديث عنها، ولكنها أبصرت النور في النهاية وظهرت للعلن بعد طول تفكير وانتظار. 

مواضيع محورية

FDM (Free Download Manager) for Linux is finally here!

After what seemed like an eternity, the popular free download manager has finally made a version for Linux! The development team finally came around after refusing to release a Linux version for years!

It all began in mid 2016 when the developers posted a poll asking what features did the users want to have in FDM, a version for Linux was on of the features suggested.
The Linux community help I reached out to a very popular Linux blog: Itsfoss, and posted a guest post talking about FDM and asking for the help of the Linux community to change the voting results. The support was overwhelming and Linux is the first featured voted by a margin.  You can view the results of the poll from here.
A support issue Over the years FDM was no longer open source, it turned into a freeware with the old branch 3.9.x remaining open source. So the source wasn't going to be posted where people could collaborate on it. 
Also I've received information from the developers saying that it would have t…

How to restore Firefox Quantum passwords after an update?

The new Firefox is amazing, it’s been renamed Quantum since version 57 back in 2017. I used to use an add – on to import and export passwords, however it’s no longer supported in the new version of Firefox.

An update that does some damage! However I’ve noticed that sometimes after an update, the saved passwords are erased, and I have to enter them manually, which is a real pain!
How to import and export passwords without an add - on?
There is a very simple way which is creating a Firefox account and using that to sync your information across different devices: Passwords, bookmarks and history.

You must have more than one device for this method to work: Your phone and your computer for example. Or two computers: Your work computer and your house computer.
The fix From the main menu go to: Edit > Preferences > Sync

Click Disconnect, then sign again with your login information. Firefox will sync the information from the other device and you will get back your passwords in no time!

RSSOwlnix: RSSOwl reborn!

RSSOWl is one of the best RSS feed aggregators available for free, if not the best, however it’s well known that RSSOwl has been discontinued since December 2013. This doesn’t pose a real problem as the current version is stable and usable, for now!

The journey ends hereIf you plan on upgrading to a more recent version of Ubuntu (18.04 for example being the latest LTS), you will be unpleasantly surprised that RSSOwl won’t work due to dependency related issues.
You can search for an alternative, sites such as: provide millions of software to search through.. I have to be honest and say that no alternative of RSSOwl works in the same way or can be customized to have the same functionality.
What can be done?
If you are on Ubuntu 16.04 you can rest assured knowing that it would be supported until 2021, you will enjoy the usability of RSSOwl for a period of time. How about something fresh and exciting? You can use the RSSOwl fork: RSSOwlnix.
That’s the beauty of open source, it r…