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لعبة زنقا مان (Zanga Man)

لطالما كنت مهتما بالألعاب الإلكترونية وتصميمها، لدرجة أن مشروع تخرجي كان تصميم لعبة إلكترونية. اليوم سأتحدث عن أول لعبة قمت بتصميمها ونشرها. لعبة زنقا مان..

Introduction to wine on Ubuntu Linux

Wine stands for (Wine Is Not Emulator), and it’s a bunch of Mono libraries used to run windows programs on Linux.
As a Linux user you will cross paths with wine and in this post I’ll be talking about whether is it a good or a bad addition to your system. Why wine? If you play games then you will come across wine sooner or later, as we all know that Linux is not a gaming system by default. The last few years saw a rapid growth in Linux games thanks to Steam, and software that eases game installation like Lutris. However it’s far from Linux being a default system for developers and gamers alike. And that where wine comes to play.
You need all the help you can get playing on Linux, if you can have your collection of games running with Wine, that’s a win (no pun intended).

A starting point Any beginner taking the first steps in the world of Linux will have to use Wine to ease the transition from MS to Linux. (No! I don’t mean drink the pain away!!) In fact some distributions aimed at begin…

هل الانترنت البطيء يزيد من متعة الحياة؟

أهلا في حلقة جديدة من سلسلة الود والخصام مع مزود الانترنت الخاص بي (ليبيا للاتصالات والتقنية). في بعض تدويناتي القديمة كنت قد انتقدتهم بقسوة، ولكن بعد ذلك تغيرت اللهجة إلى نوع من اﻷلفة والتقدير لخدمات هذا المزود القديم..

ماريو ولينك والحب في زمن 8 بت

صوت عملة نقدية تقع في آلة اﻷركيد.. تنهض اﻵلة من سباتها الصناعي وتبدأ في بعث أصواتها المعدنية
تظهر عبارة: ابدأ اللعبة ..

تأخذ أنت زمام القيادة .. فلتكن أي لعبة من زمن الثمانينيات بها نفس الكليشيه القديم المستهلك: بطل ينقذ أميرة ..(سوبر ماريو) إذا؟ خيار ممتاز!

How to read more books?

Reading is an excellent hobby. What better way to learn and have fun than to lose yourself in the midst of a good book? However a lot of people – myself included – struggle to read more often due to the complexity of modern life and the pressure of a full time job.  
These tips aim to help you read more without compromising any of your responsibilities..

 1. Read when you are waiting There are times in life where you aren’t doing anything, either commuting from work to home (assuming that you aren’t driving), or waiting for service in a bank or a public office. It would be a great chance to catch up on some reading.     2. Always keep a book nearby Whether it was a physical book that you keep in your bag or an e-book on your smartphone or tablet, always have some reading material nearby. You never know when is the next chance to finish a chapter or a few pages.     3. Read 10 pages each day When you read 10 pages each day, that totals up to 300 pages per month (on average), and 10 -…

Wodan - The Trial review

Wodan the Trail is a turn based strategy game made by the German developer Stammel. It’s set in a fantasy setting and utilizes elements of land control and siege. The game is for  ( 2 – 8 ) players.
This is the second turn based strategy game I’ve reviewed, checkout Wesnoth as well.

Why now?
The game’s latest version was 0.7 released back in 2006. It stayed like that so long that everybody – myself included – thought it was an abandoned project. But when I visited the page (out of curiosity) I was redirected to a new domain and noticed that a new version of the game was out!

I’ve written to the developer asking for a change log and if the game has a future release planned, and the answer to both questions was: Nien! (No in German in case you don’t know what that means..) Change log for V 0.8 I’ve decided to write down the changes that I’ve noticed, if any of the readers has a change that I’ve missed please let me know. 1. The frost theme removed. In version 0.7 you could swap your s…