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A way to organize random library books in a school

Upon remolding the library at our school. I was faced with a unique challenge. Many books that came from an organization (books for Africa) were out of order and had no manifesto detailing anything..
What we had basically was a pile of unorganized books and a mountain of paperwork to get them organized!

5 Things no one told me about being a teacher

Being a teacher is a very noble career. Teachers are guardians of traditions and looked up to as people who pass down knowledge from one generation to another. One Arab poet went as far as saying that teachers are “Almost prophet like” when it comes to status and reverence.

Keep in mind that  I've done some private courses at first. Then spending 2 years as a teaching assistant. And finally taking the role of a very “versatile” teacher at an international school. 

Here are 5 things no one told me about being a teacher. 1. It’s a thankless job At the end of the day it would be nice to hear the word thank you. Working without recognition or appreciation can be draining. Being a teacher is one of those jobs sadly. Everyone expects you to work endless hours to get the job done. With complete disregard to your physical status or personal time. 2. Delivering classes is the least of your worries! No matter how large of a load you have in school. It doesn’t compare to the amount of wo…